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Doing business in Europe. Masters and Doctorate (eLearning)

Educational Programs Related to Europe taught by EENI Global Business School.

Doctorate in European Business 180 ECTS

Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Online

Masters: International Business, Foreign Trade.

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

Course: Export to the EU 2 ECTS

Export to the European Union

Course: International relations of the EU 8 ECTS

EU International Relations

Course: European Single Market 4 ECTS

European Single Market

Course: Introduction to the EU and their Institutions 3 ECTS

The EU and Their Institutions

E-learning Course Master, International Business

Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish Europa Study Doctorate in International Business in French Europe Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Europa.

European Trade Agreements

Masters adapted to the:

  1. EU, Masters, International Business Trade European Union students
  2. European students (Non-EU)

BREXIT (UK departure from the EU)

Foreign Trade and Business in the EU Countries

Foreign Trade and Business in CEFTA Countries

Business in the EFTA States: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

Doing Business in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Member States (PDF).

1. EFTA [1,5]

2. Doing business in the European Free Trade Association member countries.

  1. Iceland
  2. Liechtenstein
  3. Norway
  4. Switzerland

3. EFTA Free Trade Agreements.

  1. FTA with Singapore
  2. FTA with India
  3. FTA with Canada
  4. FTA with Chile
  5. FTA with Mexico
  6. FTA with Colombia
  7. FTA with Peru
  8. FTA with South Korea

EFTA-Serbia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Adriatic-Ionian Initiative (Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia...)

Foreign Trade and Business in Russia

Business in Russia, Moscow (Course, Master, Doctorate), Orthodoxy, Russian Ports and Corridors

Vladimir Potanin, Russian Orthodox Businessman and Philanthropist (Russia)

Foreign Trade and Business in CEFTA Countries

Business EFTA Countries

Business in the CEFTA member states.



2- Doing business in the EFTA Countries.

  1. Albania
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Kosovo
  4. Macedonia
  5. Moldova
  6. Montenegro
  7. Serbia

Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia TRACECA: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia...

Foreign Trade and Business in the Eastern Europe Countries and Turkey

Business in Eastern Europe, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine

Koç Holding Turkey

Trans-European Transport Corridors. Online Education (Course, Doctorate, Master)

Trans-European Corridors.

  1. Atlantic Corridor
  2. Baltic-Adriatic Corridor
  3. North Sea-Baltic Corridor
  4. North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor
  5. Mediterranean Transport Corridor
  6. Eastern Europe-Eastern Mediterranean Transport Corridor
  7. Scandinavian-Mediterranean Transport Corridor
  8. Rhine-Alpine Transport Corridor
  9. Rhine-Danube Transport Corridor
  10. Strasbourg-Danube Transport Corridor
  11. Pan-European Corridor II
  12. Pan-European Corridor IX
  13. Europe-Caucasus-Asia Corridor
  14. Afghanistan-Turkey Corridor
  15. Islamabad-Istanbul Corridor
  16. Trans-Caspian Corridor

Baltic-Adriatic Transport Corridor (Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Italy)

Christianity and Global Business (Catholicism, Protestantism)

Christianity in Europe, Catholics, Orthodox, 26% of the World's Christians

European Union-China Free Trade Agreement

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