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Module 4: Adaptation of the Master in International Business to Europe

The objective of this module is to adapt the Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) and the Master in International Trade, Marketing and Internationalisation to the European countries with Regional Institutions, Free Trade Agreements (FTA), international trade relations… of the country of the student.

Russia Russia - Professional Master's Program in International Business

Belarus Belarus

Ukraine Ukraine

Master International Trade

Moldova Moldova

Master in International Business for Central Europe students:

- Common Subject: the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), the European Union-Western Balkans, EU enlargement. Specific units for students from:
Albania Albania Master International Trade

Bosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia Croatia (EU Member)

Montenegro Montenegro

Macedonia Macedonia
Serbia Serbia

Master in International Business for South Caucasus students:

Common Subject: the Commonwealth of Independent States, BSEC, EU- South Caucasus, EU-BSS.
Armenia Armenia Master International Trade

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Georgia Georgia Master International Trade

Turley Master in International Business - Turkey:

The Economic Cooperation Organisation, BSEC, GUAM, the European Union-Turkey Customs Union, EUROMED, EU-BSS, OIC.

Master in International Business for European Free Trade Association students:

- Common Subject: the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Egypt, Jordan, Korea, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)… Specific units for students from:
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Norway Norway
Iceland Iceland
Switzerland Switzerland
Monaco Monaco

San Marino San Marino

Common subjects (learning units) for all European students: the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Other countries: please contact with us.

- BSEC: Black Sea Economic Cooperation
- CBSS: Council of the Baltic Sea States
- CEI: Central European Initiative
- CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States
- ECO: Economic Cooperation Organisation
- EU: European Union.

- EurAsEC: Eurasian Economic Community
- The European Union -GSP: Generalised System of Preferences
- GUAM: Regional Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development
- OIC: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.
- SCO: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

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