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DIB - Doctorate in International Business (e-learning)

The Doctorate program in International Business (DIB) of EENI is an advanced academic program for graduates and professionals who wish to continue their career in the field of international business.

The Doctorate International Business (DIB) is part of the category of Professional Doctorates in Business, which have the aim of contributing to the knowledge and practice.

Doctorates (DIB).

EENI offers the following lines of Doctorate in International Business.

  1. Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business (DIB Global Ethics).
  2. Doctorate in International Business specialization Africa (DIB Africa).
  3. Doctorate in International Business specialization America (DIB-America).
  4. Doctorate in International Business specialization Asia (DIB-ASIA).
  5. Doctorate in International Business specialization Muslim Countries (DIB-Muslim).
  6. Doctorate in International Business specialization BRICS Countries (Brazil, China, Russia, India, South Africa) (DIB BRICS)

Doctorates in International Business - Comparative table.

Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business.

Doctorate Religions Business

Doctorate International Business (DIB) specialization Asia.

Doctorate Business in Asia

Doctorate International Business (DIB) specialization America.

Doctorate Business in America

Doctorate International Business (DIB) specialization Africa.

Doctorate Business Africa

Doctorate International Business (DIB) specialization Muslim Countries.

Doctorate Muslim Countries

Intended to:

  1. Holders of a master's degree or MBA
  2. Entrepreneurs, Businessperson, and managers with alternative qualifications and successful careers
  3. Scholars who wish to advance their careers with a Doctorate in International Business (DIB)

To be admitted to the Doctorate in International Business (DIB), students must have earned a Master's degree or have a minimum of three years of work experience in relevant positions in the field of international business.

Diploma received.

The Diploma is issued by EENI - The Global Business School, the student obtain the Diploma after submit and approve the case studies of all assessable areas of the program and the thesis. The thesis is defended before a Court of scholars by video conference. The students will obtain the Diploma of "Doctorate in International Business (DIB)" specialization...

It is crucial to note that is a title of Doctorate in International Business issued by EENI - The Global Business School, a private institution; it is not an Ph.D. Issued by one University. In Spain, the issuance of Official Diplomas of Doctorates is regulated by the Government but not the Private Doctorate (DIB).


The student can study the doctorates in international business (DIB) in several languages: En or En DIB Affaires Es DIB Negocios.

Structure of the Doctorates (DIB):

The first academic year (8-9 months) of the Doctorate in International Business (DIB) programs are focused to study specific subjects. Once finalizing, the student develops the thesis (16 months, can be extended to 28 months).

That is, a student who studies full-time can complete the Doctorate in International Business (DIB) in two calendar years. A student who studies part-time (with holiday periods...) can complete the DIB up to three calendar years.

Students must complete the three main modules of the program. Module 1 lays the foundation for the doctoral program, the module 2 consists of a course of research methodology, and module three consists of the thesis proposal and its writing, which shall consist of a minimum of 200 pages.

Each student is assigned a Thesis Director, who has overall responsibility for the conduct of all the research work of the candidate, and a tutor, responsible for the adequacy of the training and research activities.

Students can choose the subject of the thesis if is related to international business, developing a thesis that it must be absolutely original and written by him, which will be published on the EENI platform set up for this purpose. If for any reason, the thesis would contain privileged information about a specific company, the student may request that the thesis will be not public, in which case a summary of the thesis will be published.

EENI's Doctorates in International Business arise from the implementation of our Ahimsa vision:

"Quality education at affordable prices for all."

Education for the 99% of humanity

EENI’s model of global ethics is based, among other principles, on the Principle of Humanity that involves the challenge of designing Doctorates and Masters in international business not only for the medium-high segment of the world's population, as we have hitherto done and almost all educational institutions worldwide are doing, but also for that part of humanity, especially in developing countries, who cannot afford the high prices of the Masters and Doctorates in International Business.

Director of Doctorates in International Business (DIB).


Dr. Margarita Carrillo López
Doctor (Ph.D.) in Economy and Territory by the University of Barcelona (Spain). Professor at the University of Barcelona, Catalonia Open University, International University of Catalonia, Superior Institute of Marketing and EENI

Doctorates in International Business (DIB) - Summary.

The difference with a PhD, more focused on theoretical research, is that this Doctorate in International Business (DIB) is focused mainly on practical professional experience.

While the Ph.D. Is primarily focused on training researchers, the Doctorate in International Business (DIB) encourages analytical skills of professionals to assist them in decision-making in international markets.

A Doctorate in International Business (DIB) also allows managers to teach in the Business School as they need professionals who contribute with his know-how in their teachings. A Ph.D allows researchers to teach especially in Universities, in particular in Public Universities.

Students achieve a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of real problems and can apply creative solutions and decision-making related to the international business.

Topics such as interconnection of markets, international economics, globalization, regionalization, international marketing, internationalization, foreign direct investment (FDI), Global Ethics or social responsibility are discussed.

EENI recommends to students of the Doctorate in International Business (DIB) working in some international business-related position, select a research topic related to their work. It is desirable that his academic work within the DIB be part of his work in the company.

Master in International Business

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