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Doctorate in International Business (Online)

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Professional Doctorates in International Business (DIB, e-learning)

The Doctorates in International Business (DIB) taught by EENI Global Business School are advanced academic programs for graduates and working professionals who wish to continue their careers in the field of international business.

EENI offers the following lines of Professional Doctorates in International Business (DIB).

  1. World Trade (structure)
  2. Global Transportation & Logistics (structure)
  3. Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business (structure)
  4. African Business (structure)
  5. Asian Business (structure)
  6. Islamic Business (structure)
  7. European Business (structure)
  8. American Business (structure)

After obtaining a Master, the next step to specialise is the completion of a professional doctorate, where the student will demonstrate their research capacity. The Professional Doctorates in Business have the dual objective of making a contribution to knowledge and practice.

Tuition fees: EUR 3,000 (all included)

  1. Financing

Structure - Online Doctorate in Business

Structure of the Professional Doctorates

The Doctorates in International Business are structured in:

  1. Coursework. Study of the Subjects (minimum 20 ECTS, maximum 60 ECTS)
  2. Research Work and Thesis Plan (40 ECTS)
  3. Thesis and Thesis Defense (120 ECTS)


  1. The duration of the doctoral studies is a maximum of three calendar years since the formalisation of the enrolment up to the thesis deposit.
  2. If, after the three calendar years period the Doctoral Student has not deposited the thesis, the Directorate of the Doctorate Programme may authorise an extension of up to two years.

The defense of the thesis is done by videoconference.

Thesis Defense (Video conference) Doctorate in International Business

  1. The student can study the doctorates in International Business (DIB) in Courses, Masters, Doctorates in International Business and Foreign Trade in English and/or several languages (free multilingual training)
  2. Study, Course Master Doctorate in International Business in French Doctorats en affaires internationales Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish Doctorados en Negocios Internacionales, Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Doutoramentos em Negocios Internacionais

To be admitted to the Doctorate in International Business (DIB), the students must have earned a Master's Degree or have a minimum of three years of work experience in relevant positions in the field of international business.

Students of the Doctorate in International Business (DIB) must meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Have a Master's Degree
  2. Have studied other recognised or equivalent training in application of the EENI regulations
  3. Possess recognised alternative qualifications
  4. If you do not have a Master's Degree you can enrol in one of our Masters, you will be exempt from the final Master's Thesis and you will be able to access the doctorate by going directly to the doctoral thesis preparation (you should not take the complement teachings of the doctorate).
  5. The Student can begin the Doctorate at any time (Online Enrolment) and study from anywhere in the world without any displacement
  6. Download the Admission Form

EENI professional doctorate diploma is awarded after evaluating:

  1. The degree of participation of the doctoral student in the subjects of the Doctorate
  2. Research carried out
  3. Defense of the thesis

Once the doctoral thesis has been defended and approved, doctoral students will obtain the Diploma of Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) specialisation ... » issued by EENI Global Business School (Business School).

It is crucial to note that this is a Diploma of Doctorate in International Business issued by EENI, a private institution; it is not a PhD issued by a University. In Spain (and in the European Union), the issuance of Official Diplomas of Doctorates is regulated by the Government but not the Professional Doctorates in International Business (DIB).

Doctorates Intended for:

  1. Holders of a Master or MBA
  2. Entrepreneurs, Businessman, and managers with alternative qualifications and successful careers
  3. Scholars who wish to advance their careers with a Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB)

African Students, Master International Business and Global Trade

The difference with a PhD, more focused on theoretical research, is that this Online Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) is focused mainly on practical professional experience.

  1. While the PhD is primarily focused on training researchers, the Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) encourages the analytical skills of professionals to assist them in decision-making in the international markets
  2. A Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) also allows managers to teach in a Business School as they need professionals who contribute with his know-how in their teachings
  3. A PhD allows researchers to teach especially in Universities, in particular in Public Universities

The students achieve a comprehensive understanding of theory and practice of the real problems and can apply creative solutions and decision-making related to the International Business.

Topics such as markets interconnections, international economics, globalisation, regionalisation, international marketing, internationalisation, foreign direct investment (FDI), global trade, logistics, religions of the world & Business, global ethics or social responsibility are discussed.

Education for the 99% of humanity

EENI Ahimsa Vision

Our Doctorates in International Business arise from the implementation of our Ahimsa vision:

“Quality education at affordable prices for all.”

EENI Model of Global Ethics is based, among other principles, on the Principle of Humanity that involves the challenge of designing Doctorates and Masters in International Business, not only for the medium-high segment of the world's population, as we have done, and almost all worldwide educational institutions are doing, but also for that part of humanity, especially in the developing countries, who cannot afford the high fees of the Masters and Doctorates in International Business.

Master in International Business

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