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Professional Doctorate in World Trade - Global Trade Value Chains (eLearning)

The objectives of the Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) specialisation in World Trade (3 years, 180 ECTS) taught by EENI Global Business School are to train the doctoral student to be able to research on topics related to the Global Trade Value Chains.

Professional Doctorate in World Trade

Thus, a Doctoral Student can apply creative solutions and take the appropriated business decisions related to the Global Value Chains.

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  1. Tuition fees: EUR 3,000
    1. Financing
  2. Duration: maximum of
    three calendar years Naximum of three calendar years since the formalisation of the enrolment up to the thesis deposit. If, after the three calendar years period the Doctoral Student has not deposited thesis, the Doctorate Programme Direction may authorise an extension of up to two years.
  3. Credits: 180 ECTS
  4. Open Online Enrolment
  5. Download the Admission Form

The Doctorate in World Trade is part of the category of the Doctorates in International Business (DIB), which has the dual aim of contributing to the knowledge and practice.

The research lines related to international transport and logistics are not included in this doctorate, but in the Doctorate in Global Transportation & Logistics.

Language of the Doctorate: Courses, Masters, Doctorates in International Business in English

  1. All the subjects offered are available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  2. Thus, the Doctoral Student can perform this doctorate entirely in English (or French, Spanish or Portuguese)
  3. The student should have a sufficient level to study the subjects in these languages

Study, Master in International Business in French Doctorat en Commerce International Study Master Doctorate Business in Spanish Doctorado en Negocios en Comercio Exterior Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Doutoramento Comércio Exterior.

A Doctorate in World Trade that fits your schedule and helps you to get a better job.

Structure of the Doctorate

  1. Coursework. Study of the Subjects (minimum 20 ECTS, maximum 60 ECTS)
    1. The graduate students in the / Foreign Trade taught by EENI can enrol directly in the Doctorate in World Trade validating all the subjects already studied on the master.
    2. Candidates who have completed the Master in International Business (MIB) or the Master in Foreign Trade taught by EENI will be exempt from completing this training complement, validating all the doctorate subjects already studied in the Master, going directly to the research phase of the doctorate.
  2. Research Work and Thesis Plan of the Doctorate (40 ECTS)
  3. Thesis and Thesis Defense (120 ECTS)

Examples of research topics of the Doctorate: e-business and international trade, free trade agreements, regional economic integration agreements, regional economic areas, foreign investment flows, new digital processes applied to the foreign trade operations, customs, international payment methods, applications of electronic commerce for exports, international marketing digitalisation, environment and international trade, social networks in global marketing...

Structure - Online Doctorate in Business

Research Areas of the Doctorate

Subjects offered by EENI.

  1. EENI provides a range of Related Subjects to the Global Trade (more than 150 ECTS credits).
  2. The Doctoral Student can select the most suitable subjects depending on the thesis.
  3. The minimum ECTS to be selected is 20, maximum is 60.
  4. The Doctoral Student selects the subjects once formalised the enrolment

To facilitate the subject selection, these are organised into several blocks:

Globalisation and International Economic Organisations related to the Global Trade: United Nations, World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund, World Bank... (11 ECTS)

Globalisation and International Organisations, Master in International Business

IMF Globalisation

World Economic Areas (Africa, America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Muslim countries) (22 ECTS)

Civilisations and economic integration (Master)

Civilisations, Religions and Integration (Master Doctorate)

Foreign Trade Techniques: import and export customs, international payment methods, financing of the exports and imports, Incoterms® 2020... (25 ECTS)

Foreign Trade (Doctorate, Master): customs, Incoterms® 2020, documentary credits...

Contingent trade-protective measures (Anti-dumping Measures, Safeguards)

International Marketing and Internationalisation of companies: international distribution strategies, global promotion policies, export prices, segmentation, brand and positioning in the global market, intercultural negotiation and foreign direct investment (FDI)... (32 ECTS)

Master Business: International Marketing

Direct exports

No to Corruption in International Business

No to Corruption in International Business, Master

To be admitted to the Doctorate in World Trade, the students must have earned a Master's Degree

  1. If you do not have a Master's Degree you can enrol in the Master in International Business / Foreign Trade. You will be exempt from the final Master's Thesis and you will be able to access the doctorate by going directly to the doctoral thesis preparation (you should not take the complement teachings of the doctorate).
  2. The graduate students in the Master in International Business (MIB) / Foreign Trade taught by EENI can enrol directly in the Doctorate in World Trade validating all the subjects already studied on the master.

You must send by mail (not valid by email) a certified photocopy of your diploma of master. This is necessary for the issuance of your diploma and not to enrol.

Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Global Business School Professor Paterson Ngatchou (Professor). Video - My experience at EENI

The students who pass the assessments and thesis will receive the Diploma of Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) specialisation in World Trade issued by EENI Global Business School.

The Diploma of Professional Doctorate is awarded after assessing:

  1. Level of participation of the Doctoral Student in the Doctoral subjects
  2. Research Work
  3. Thesis Defense

Once defended and overcame the thesis, the Doctoral Student will receive its diploma.

African Students (Doctorate Business)

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