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EENI: Masters (MIB) and Doctorates in International Business (e-learning)

EENI (School of International Business) is a European business school specialising in International Business (Professional Master's Program in International Business and Professional Doctorates in International Business) at a distance (e-learning). EENI develops the essential skills and expertise to advance careers and the business opportunities in the World of the global business.

EENI: The Global Business School

Hispano-African University of International Business
U-EENI University Vision: Opening of the Hispano-African University of International Business in Africa

EENI was created in 1995 in Barcelona (Spain), and has more than twenty-one years of experience in teaching these types of courses with more than 4,000 students from 100 countries.

The headquarters of EENI is in Tarragona (Tabarnia, Spain, European Union).

Spain: We are History, Culture, Spanish, Technology, Business, Democracy, Education

EENI World
The student is placed in a global atmosphere professors, as well as the fellow students, are spread around the world. What do our students think of us?

Video Master in International Business Video EENI (School of International Business).

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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal (EENI Master Honoris Causa)
EENI delivers to HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal a Master Honoris Causa

Master in International Business University Ouaga II (Burkina Faso) and EENI
Master in International Business (Burkina Faso)

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Why “School of International Business”?

EENI Global School

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Why study with us?

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The EENI's mission is to provide quality formation, which stands for multilingual and intercultural development that promotes professionalism for its students as well as the efficiency and productivity of enterprises in the international environment promoting the principle of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) in international business.

This mission is achieved through a close professor-student relationship. That is the reason why EENI has created the student's community website where counselling services and online orientation can be there everyday need therefore School of International Business compromise its staff worldwide to offer the best service to its alumni. EENI is looking to engage full-time in a better innovation, so we can continue being part of the leading Group of international business on e-learning.

EENI encourages the search of an exhaustive and an open democratic globalisation.  

EENI Commitment to Society

1- Scholarships for the Master in International Business (MIB), specially for the African Students

Higher Education for All at Affordable Prices

Susana Fernández with African Students

2- EENI Programme: “Not to Corruption in International Business.”

Not to Corruption in International Business

3- Project “Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business.”

Harmony of Religions Ahimsa Business (Non-Violence)

Global Compact EENI
EENI adhesion to the Global Compact of the United Nations (UN).


Our vision is to be the world leader in international business education.

  1. To be an international benchmark for the needs of professionals in the international trade
  2. To train competent professionals and meet the needs of the labour market
  3. To contribute to the expansion for development opportunities to the students who have no resources to reach their goals by providing partial scholarships
  4. To become an educational institution, which intentions are to integrate the uses of new technologies for e-Learning
  5. To be an institution capable of adapting to any social change, committed to giving quality service for improvement of its student's skills
  6. To build a community of students that fulfils the gap between today a tomorrow.

Alumnos EENI
Would you like to see a picture with several of EENI students?

Abdoul Karim Ouandaogo (EENI Alumni)
Ouandaogo Abdoul Karim (Student of the Master in International Business University of Ouagadougou & EENI) winner of one WAEMU regional award.

Organisation chart:

Nonell Founder and General Director
D. Pedro Nonell Torres.
Message from EENI's General Director
Susana FernandezDirector of International Relations
Susana Fernandez
G GosseDirector of International Relations (Francophonie)
Ghislaine Gosse
MargaDirector of Doctorates in International Business (DIB)
Dr Margarita Carrillo López
Genevieve BARRODirector of the Doctorate in International Business (DIB) specialisation in Africa
Dr Geneviève Barro
Najib Yahya AbdulalemDirector of the Doctorate in International Business specialisation in the Muslim Countries
Najib Yahya Abdulalem Hassan
HenryDirector of the Doctorate in International Business Specialisation in America
Dr Henry Acuña
Dr Fatos BekaDirector of the Doctorate in Ethics, Religions and International Business
Dr Fatos Beka
Professor TradeDirector of Studies
Mabel Turk.
Sara LopesRepresentative for Brazil
Sara Lopez.
Professor MarketingDirector of Tutors.
Paterson Ngatchou
Jean Paul GosseProfessor and Coordinator for the Francophonie
Jean Paul Gosse
Guillermo PieDirector of the Department of Languages of EENI
Guillermo Pie Jahn

Areas of Knowledge.

The training offered by EENI in International Business is divided into nine major areas:

  1. Globalisation
  2. International Trade
  3. International Marketing
  4. America
  5. Africa
  6. Asia-Pacific
  7. Europe
  8. Muslim Countries
  9. Religions and Business

International Business Specialisation

EENI Headquarters are in Spain

Tertiary Education in Spanish EENI - School of International Business
Plaza Joseph Sentís i Porta, 1 - 43002 Tarragona - Spain - the European Union (EU). Tel. 34-977-591673

Networking EENI | History | Educational Partnerships


EENI (School of International Business) is a certified member of the International Commission on Distance Learning (ECOSOC United Nations).

EENI is collaborator member of the Tripartite Foundation for On-the-job Training - European Social Fund.

EENI is a member of the Spanish Association of Business Schools
Business Schools

Ethics Nonell Berlin
The founder and Director of EENI, Pedro Nonell is a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin - Germany).

EENI collaborates with the most specialised scholars for the development of the subjects of our courses and works with the most prestigious institutions in educational projects such as Universities, Chambers of Commerce, and Governments.

We Trust in Africa

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The awards ceremony for the master taught in Extremadura (Spain) organised by the “Junta de Extremadura” (Local Government) and funded by the European Union (EU).


Web sites: برنامج الماجستير في التجارة الخارجية و إدارة الأعمال الدولية - 国际贸易、全球营销及国际化硕士 Study in Portuguese EENI

Catalonia is Spain

EENI India

  1. EENI is the premium provider of e-learning in the specialist skills of international busines.
  2. EENI's Professors are acknowledged international scholars in their specialist fields of international business expertise

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