Mabel Turk (EENI Professor)

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Mabel Turk (Argentina)

Mabel Turk

Mabel Turk is a professor of EENI (School of International Business) in:

  1. Professional Master's Program in International Business
  2. Masters  (e-learning): Business in America, BRICS-MNS Countries, Frontier Markets, Pacific Rim, Economic Relations
  3. Doctorate in International Business specialisation in America


  1. Degree in National Public Accountant (Argentina).
  2. Postgraduate in Regional Planning (CFI-IDES).
  3. Master Executive in International Business, EENI School of International Business

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Professor of EENI School of International Business
  2. Secretary of the Chamber of foreign trade of Jujuy (Argentina)
  3. Secretary of the Argentine-India Chamber of Commerce, Buenos Aires
  4. Partner of ANDHRA, a company of foreign trade.

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