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Professors and coach (Doctorates and Masters)

Study Methodology EENI (The Global Business School)

Professors and coaches are fundamental in EENI training model; the Professor is always available to the student. A team of Professors will respond to the questions of the student and evaluate the exercises.

Geographic distribution of EENI Professors:
Professor EENI

The main objective of Professors is to ensure that a student finalizes his course successfully.


"Your Coach will guide and help you."

The main objective of the Coach is to ensure that a student finalizes his studies successfully. Their functions are:

- To guide the student in how he must study.
- To stimulate the student so that he studies regularly.
- To motivate to the student for his active participation in forums and other events of the e-Campus.
- To offer solutions to precise problems that affect the yield of the student.
- To take care of any suggestions or opinions of the student.


A team of Professors will respond to the student's questions and evaluate the exercises. Exercises that the students must hand into their Professor guarantee that educational objectives are fulfilled. The Professors are mainly for:

- Respond to student's questions.
- Evaluate exercises.
- Issue academic reports.
- The Professors are not for administrative questions, or installation troubles (this is the role of the Secretary). The Professor is not the Coach.

Please feel free to ask your questions (and about what support Professors can offer). Remember that a good relationship with your Professors can be an invaluable source of support.

Send questions and exercises in your mother tongue!

The official languages of EENI are English, French, and Spanish. Our team of Professors from different countries can communicate in these languages. The student can submit their questions, exercises, and thesis in these languages.

EENI has students from over 100 countries (Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe); many of them can study in English, French or Spanish. However; they suggested sending us their questions and exercises in their mother tongue. For example, a Russian student can read English; however; he prefers to answer his exercises in Russian.

After an analysis of this issue, EENI has developed an innovative service to break language barriers: the "Global Language Service (GLS)." Operation:

1 - The student can submit questions, exercises, and/or thesis in their mother tongue.

2 - The Professor, after translating the content -with an automatic translator-, will respond in one of the EENI's official languages (English, Spanish or French), depending on each student.


Available language/Idiomas maternos disponibles/Langues disponibles.

- Albanian (Shqip)
- Armenian
- Azerbaijan
- Belarusian
- Catalán (Català)
- Croatian (Hrvatski)
- Czech (Český)
- Danish
- Estonian (Eesti)
- Euskera
- Finnish
- German (Deutsch)
- Greek
- Hungarian (Magyar)
- Italian (Italiano)
- Latvian (latviešu)
- Lithuanian (Lietuvių)
- Polish (Polski)
- Portugués (Português)
- Romanian (Română)
- Slovak (Slovenčina)
- Slovenian (Slovenščina)
- Turkish (Türkçe)
- Arabic (العربية)
- Bengali
- Bangla
- Chinese Simplified  and Traditional (汉语)
- Gujarati
- Hindi (हिन्दी)
- Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
- Japanese (日本語)
- Korean (한국어)
- Malay (Bahasa Melayu)
- Persian
- Tagalog
- Thai (ภาษาไทย)
- Urdu
- Vietnamese (tiếng Việt)
- Belarusian (Беларуская)
- Bulgarian (Български)
- Russian (Русский)
- Serbian (Српски)
- Ukrainian (украї́нська)
- Africaans
- Swahili (Kiswahili)

- Haitian Creole

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