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Professors, thesis supervisor, directors of Doctorate and Master, and coach are fundamental in our training model; all of them are always available to the student. The exercises that the student must submit to his professors ensure that training objectives are fulfilled.

EENI Business School & HA University has an interdisciplinary team of professors of international business in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. Many of these scholars are alumni of EENI.

EENI Business School & HA University Professors

Below is presented a summary of the CV of some EENI Business School & HA University professors:

Salamata Micheline ILBOUDO/DIALLO, Burkina Faso (Professor, EENI & HA University) Henry Acuña, enseignant EENI (École d'Affaires) / Université Hispano-Africaine

Dra Genevieve Barro PhD Geneviève Barro. Directress of the Doctorate in International Business specialisation in Africa. Burkina Faso.

Mabel Turk Mabel Turk (EENI Professor). Argentina.

Dra Marga Carrillo PhD Margarita Carrillo López (Directress of the School of Doctorate. Directress of Doctoral thesis). Spain.

PhD Fatos Beka Fatos Beka (Director of the Doctorate in Ethics, Religions and International Business, Director of Doctoral Thesis, and professor). Kosovo.

Najib Yahya Abdulalem Najib Yahya Abdulalem Hassan. Director of the Doctorate in International Business specialisation in Muslim Countries. Malaysia, Yemen.

Henry Acuña PhD Henry Acuña Barrantes (Director of the Doctorate in International Business specialisation in America, Director of Doctoral Thesis, and professor). Colombia.

Albert Bialufu Ngandu (EENI Professor) PhD Albert Bialufu Ngandu (Director of Doctoral Thesis). The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Josep Bertrán Josep Bertrán i Vall (Professor). Spain.

Asif Soroush (EENI Professor) Asif Soroush (Professor). Afghanistan.

PhD Ousséni SO PhD Ousséni SO (Director of the thesis). Burkina Faso.

Jean Paul Gosse Jean Paul Gosse (Professor). France.

PhD Fernandinho Domingos Sanca PhD Fernandinho Domingos Sanca (Director of Doctoral Thesis). Guinea-Bissau / Spain.

Carlos Cesar Contreras (EENI Professor) Carlos C. Contreras Rojas (Professor). Venezuela.

PhD Aliou Niang PhD Aliou Niang (Director of Doctoral Thesis). Senegal.

Gustavo Baell Gustavo Baell (Professor). Spain.

Jean Thierry Somda (EENI Professor) Jean Thierry Somda (Professor). Burkina Faso.

Julio Fuster Julio Fuster Bragado (Professor and director of the Professional Diploma in International Tenders). Spain.

Paterson Ngatchou Paterson Ngatchou (Professor). Spain / Cameroon.

Adérito Fernandes (EENI Business School & HA University Professor) Adérito Fernandes (EENI Professor). Guinea-Bissau.

Prospero Kemayou Prospero Kemayou (EENI Professor). Cameroon / Chad.

Mohamed Ali LEMRABOTT Mohamed Ali LEMRABOTT (Thesis Director). Mauritania

Pedro Nonell, Director EENI Business School & HA University Pedro Nonell Torres (Director of EENI and professor).

Professors of EENI Business School & HA University

Africa: Foreign Trade and Business (Master)

Lysiane Gnansounou, Salamata Micheline ILBOUDO/DIALLO, Emmanuel Nignan, Mouyedi Sylvain Ernest, Ali Djibrine Souleymane, Oussama Bouazizi, René De Haro Vioque, Lise Faski Goin, Erik Bruzzone, Raquel Paul Caballero, Carlos Efraín Montufar

The official languages of EENI Business School & HA University are English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Our team of Professors from different countries can communicate in these languages; in addition, some professors speak Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi...

The student can submit their questions, exercises, and thesis in these languages.

Why are there so many African teachers at EENI?

1- EENI Business School & HA University has a strong commitment to Africa's development. EENI African Scholarships have allowed hundreds of students from 54 African Countries to access an affordable higher education.

We Trust in Africa

2- This commitment is the result of the EENI Business School & HA University AHIMSA VISION: "Affordable Higher Education for 99% of humanity," particularly for the African continent.

e-Doctorate: Ahimsa Business (Non-Violence)

3- To the medium term, EENI plans to launch a Bachelor of Science in Inter-Asian Business as well as a University in India

4- Africa will be the next emerging continent, and yet it is the great unknown for the international business community. Only Africans can explain to the world how to do business in Africa.


The main objective of Professors is to ensure that a student finalizes his course successfully. A team of Professors will respond to the student's questions and evaluate the exercises. Exercises that the students must hand into their Professor guarantee that educational objectives are fulfilled. The Professors are mainly for:

  1. Respond to student's questions
  2. Evaluate exercises
  3. Issue academic reports
  4. Professors are not for administrative questions, or installation troubles (this is the role of the Secretary). The Professor is not the Coach.

Please feel free to ask your questions (and about what support Professors can offer). Remember that a good relationship with your Professors can be an invaluable source of support.

Thesis Defense (Video conference)

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Academic Coordinator for Anglophone Countries
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“Your Coach will guide and help you.”

The main objective of the Coach is to ensure that a student finalizes his studies successfully. Their functions are:

- To guide to student in how he must study.
- To stimulate the student so that he studies regularly.
- To motivate to the student for his active participation in forums and other events of the and-Campus.
- To offer solutions to precise problems that affect the yield of the student.
- To take care of any suggestions or opinions of the student.

Send questions and exercises in your mother tongue!

EENI has students from over 100 countries (Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe); many of them can study in English, French or Spanish. However, they suggested sending us their questions and exercises in their mother tongue. For example, a Russian student can read English; however, he prefers to answer his exercises in Russian.

After an analysis of this issue, EENI has developed an innovative service to break language barriers: The “Global Language Service (GLS).” Operation:

1 - The student can submit questions, exercises, and/or thesis in their mother tongue.

2 - The Professor, after translating the content -with an automatic translator-, will respond in one of the EENI's official languages (English, Spanish or French), depending on each student.

Study Master Doctorate Business in Spanish Profesores Study, Master in International Business in French Professeurs Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Professores

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