Gustavo Baell

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Gustavo Baell (Spain) - EENI Professor of Comercio and international marketing

Gustavo Baell

Gustavo Baell (Spain) is a Professor of foreign trade and international marketing (specialist in international distribution) in several Masters in International Business of EENI (Business School).


  1. Degree in Business Administration, University of Barcelona (Spain)
  2. Degree in foreign trade, CEDEIN (Spain)
  3. Degree in Marketing, ESMA (Spain)

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Director of the international division of Natural Foods (BBVA Bank Group)
  2. Director of the company Namwin International dedicated to the international representation of Spanish companies in the world
  3. Specialised consultant of the European Union for projects of international consulting
  4. Author of several books of the foreign trade (The export is in your hands, the Colombian girl...)
  5. Professor of the international marketing and commercial distribution in various Spanish Schools of Business: EADA, EAE, EENI, etc
  6. Collaborator in journals and newspapers such as economic expansion. Collaborator in Radio Intereconomía on issues of international and commercial distribution

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