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Pedro Nonell - Founder of EENI

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Pedro Nonell (Spain) - Director of EENI Global Business School

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Nonell
HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (one of the richest men in the World and major philanthropist) and Pedro Nonell.

Mr Pedro Nonell - Founder and General Director of EENI Global Business School.

  1. He studied Electrical Engineer (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) and a Master of Science in International Business and Finance (University of Barcelona);
  2. Author of different books and courses on foreign trade, International Marketing and e-business, some of them has been translated into French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Catalan, and English;
  3. Mr Nonell was co-Director of the Professional Diploma in International e-Business of the IDEC (Pompeu Fabra University -Barcelona-) he also has cooperated and assisted in the formation for the students of the Master of Science in International Business at the “Pompeu Fabra University”;
  4. Mr Nonell became a former coordinator of the Master and Postgraduate programme of International Business at the “University of Barcelona”;
  5. Pedro Nonell was a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin - Germany);
  6. Pedro Nonell also has been part of the foundation and management of EBSI (Ireland), Up & Learn (USA), or the Institute Ibn Khaldoun (Palestine);
  7. A former member of the Editorial Board of Moneda Unica (magazine, Spain);
  8. He has cooperated as a Visiting Professor on Foreign trade programs at the Oxford book University; he is constantly participating in projects from the European Union;
  9. Visiting Professor in different educational centers and Universities in Spain, Germany, Brazil, Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, Argentina, El Salvador, Uruguay, France, or Ireland;
  10. He assisted different activities from various Chambers of Commerce and Trade Unions;
  11. Mr Nonell was one of the former coordinators of TACIS NIS Managers, a project that is sponsored by the European Union that leads the formation of 1,700 Delegates from different countries; such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and so on;
  12. Mr Nonell has published articles for the various entities such as Moneda Única, El país, Emprendedores and some others;
  13. Mr Pedro Nonell is managing the Religions and Global Business project;
  14. He speaks: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Catalan.

Master of Science in International Business (Burkina Faso)
The President of the Economic Council of Burkina Faso, the Ministers of Education and Labour and Pedro Nonell with students of the Master of Science in International Business - University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

Book: The Yoga of Wisdom - Bhagavad Gita (Gandhi) Nonell
Book: The Yoga of Wisdom (Bhagavad Gita) Gita-Ramakrishna Institute of Yoga Science (IGRCY).

Foreign Trade (Importing, Exporting) Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate)

Global Ethics.

Religions, Ethics, and Global Business. Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate)

Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and International Business. Jainism

Harmony of Religions. Sri Ramakrishna Principle and Global Business

Principle of Racial Harmony.

Principle of Racial Harmony (EENI, Kwegyir Aggrey)

Article: Africa: The Cradle of humanity.

Ethics Nonell Berlin
Pedro Nonell in Berlin (Germany).

Pedro Nonell in Spain.

Two African Students receiving the Diploma of Master of Science in International Business with Pedro Nonell (EENI President):
Pedro Nonell, African Students, Master Doctorate, International Business

Pedro Nonell EENI director
Mr Nonell in Ireland.

Message from EENI General Director.

Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish CV in Spanish Pedro Nonell.

Study, Course Master Doctorate in International Business in French Pedro Nonell CV in French

Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Pedro Nonell.

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