Dr Henry Acuña Barrantes

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Dr Henry Acuña Barrantes (Colombia) - Director of Doctorate

Henry Acuña

Dr Henry Acuña Barrantes is the Director of the Doctorate in Business in America, Director of the Doctoral Thesis and EENI Professor (School of International Business).


  1. Degree in Economy, the Military University of Nueva Granada
  2. Doctorate (Online) in Ethics, Religions, and International Business, EENI School of International Business
  3. Professional Master's Program in International Business, EENI

Employment and Work Experience

  1. EENI Professor
  2. Import/Export Assistant at the Vice Chancellor Research (the Military University of Nueva Granada, Colombia)
  3. Administrative Management of the University of Los Andes
  4. Area coordinator and administrator in the Pan American Library
  5. Author of large research papers

EENI Professors

Tertiary Education in Spanish Dr Henry Acuña Post-secondary Education in French Dr Henry Acuña Study in Portuguese Henry Acuña

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