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Josep Bertrán i Vall, EENI Professor

Josep Bertrán i Vall (Spain) - EENI Professor of international marketing

Josep Bertrán i Vall

Josep Bertrán i Vall (Spain) is a Professor of international marketing in several Masters in International Business at EENI Global Business School .


  1. Degree in Industrial Engineer. Faculty of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (Polytechnic University of Barcelona, Spain)
  2. Master of Science in International Business, EAE (Barcelona)
  3. Market Analyst. Grant by the Generalitat of Catalonia in the United States (Commercial Office of Spain in New York)

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Employment and Work Experience

  1. Responsible for Spain and Portugal of the TACIS MTP project of the European Union
  2. Counsellor for big enterprises
  3. External consultant of the European Economic Community
  4. Business consultant and associations of the developing countries. Experience with companies of Russia, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Guyana
  5. Promoter export groups (Consortia), Foment of National Work (Barcelona)
  6. Head of the project of Technology Marketing. Responsible for the marketing campaign for technology promotion of the Olympic Games in Barcelona
  7. Director of European Marketing (Consortium of the free zone of Barcelona)
  8. Commercial Office of Spain in New York. Director of industrial products and investments
  9. TRABOSA. Export Director for Africa
  10. Professor of international marketing at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and EENI
  11. Author of several books on the international marketing

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