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Najib Yahya Abdulalem Hassan (EENI Professor)

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Najib Yahya Abdulalem Hassan (Yemen / Malaysia) - Director of the Doctorate in Islamic Business

Najib Yahya Abdulalem

Najib Yahya Abdulalem Hassan (Malaysia, Yemen). Professor, thesis supervisor, and director of the Doctorate in International Business specialisation in Islamic Business at EENI Global Business School.


  1. Degree of Science Diplomacy, Taiz University (Yemen)
  2. Degree in International Relations, Damascus University (Syria)
  3. Diploma in Medical Radiology by the High Health Institute (Yemen)
  4. Master of Science in International Business, EENI Global Business School. Dissertation on the business activities of His Royal Highness Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal: "Strategies in managing international investments of the Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal", obtaining the degree of Cum Laude
  5. PhD in Management, Limkokwing University (Malaysia)

Employment and Work Experience

  1. Vice-director of the High Health Institute (Yemen)
  2. Secretariat Officer, Taiz University
  3. Vice-director, University of Damascus
  4. Chief Executive of the Investment Support Organisation (Yemen, Malaysia)

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