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Area of Knowledge: Foreign trade (Import, Export, Incoterms, Customs).

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The Area of Knowledge “Foreign trade” of EENI Business School & HA University is intended for all people without experience or knowledge of the foreign trade. Master the basic techniques of the foreign trade (logistics, customs, international payments) is essential for anyone who need to work in international business, international marketing, and internationalisation.

The main subjects (learning units) related to foreign trade are:

  1. Exporting
  2. Documents
  3. Customs. Import and Export Procedures
  4. World Customs Organisation
  5. Customs and the World Trade Organisation
  6. International transport
  7. Marine transport
  8. Multimodal transport
  9. Incoterms
  10. Methods of payment. Letters of Credit
  11. Finance of International Trade
  12. FOREX
  13. International Bonds and Guarantees
  14. International Contracts
  15. Export Department
  16. Trade in Services

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Courses and masters related to foreign trade

  1. Course Foreign trade management
  2. Course: Payment Methods and International Finance
  3. Course: International Transport and Logistics
  4. Course: Transport and Logistics in Africa
  5. Course: Export to the European Union
  6. Diploma in International Trade
  7. Master's Degree in International Business, global marketing and internationalisation Executive
  8. Master's Degree in Foreign Trade and International Marketing

Video Master's Degree in International Business

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Examples of the subjects (learning units) of foreign trade.

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Area of Knowledge: Globalisation - International Marketing - Internationalisation - Asia - Africa - America - Middle East.

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