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Area of Knowledge “International Marketing” (eLearning)

Study Methodology - EENI Business School & HA University: Area of Knowledge - International Marketing.

The Area of Knowledge “International Marketing” is intended for all people with experience and knowledge of the foreign trade. Its main objective is to provide all the knowledge and skills required to design a global marketing strategy (price, product, promotion, distribution, brand, or global segmentation)

Related courses and masters.

  1. Course: Advanced Global Marketing
  2. Postgraduate Course in Global Marketing
  3. Diploma in Global Marketing
  4. Master of Science in International Business (Foreign Trade, International Marketing, and Internationalisation)
  5. Master of Science in Foreign Trade and International Marketing
  6. Doctorate in Foreign Trade and International Marketing

Online Students, Master in International Business

Related Subjects to International Marketing.

  1. International Marketing
  2. Market research
  3. International product policy
  4. International Promotion policy
  5. International Distribution
  6. Segmentation, Brand, and Positioning
  7. International Pricing Policy
  8. Intercultural Management
  9. e-Business

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Video Master of Science in International Business

Video Courses and diplomas in international trade.

International Business Modules

Study Master Doctorate Business in Spanish Marketing Internacional Study, Master in International Business in French Marketing International Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese

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