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Area of Knowledge “International Marketing” (Online Courses, Masters, Doctorate)

Global Marketing: export prices, distribution, promotion... Online Education (Courses, Masters, Doctorate)

Study Methodology - EENI Global Business School : Area of Knowledge - International Marketing.

Related courses, Masters and Doctorate

  1. Course: Advanced Global Marketing;
  2. Course: Global Marketing;
  3. Diploma: Global Marketing.

Online Professional Diploma in International Marketing and Internationalization

  1. Master in International Business (Foreign Trade, International Marketing, and Internationalization);
  2. Master in Foreign Trade and International Marketing.

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB) - Online Education

Doctorate in World Trade.

Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB). Online Education

Online Students, Master in International Business and Foreign Trade

Online Diploma in International Marketing

Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

Download the Syllabus of the international marketing Related Subjects (PDF).

The Area of Knowledge related to the “International Marketing” taught by EENI is intended for all the people with experience and knowledge of the foreign trade.

Its main objective is to provide all the knowledge and skills required to design a global marketing strategy (price, product, promotion, distribution, brand, or global segmentation).

The ultimate goal is to design an International Marketing Plan for an export company.

The International Marketing subjects are ideal for people with experience in international trade (Incoterms® 2020, logistics, Customs...) because it will provide successful experts with a thorough grounding in the key areas of the international marketing (free multilingual training).

International Business Modules.

Shoprite Africa largest food distributor

Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish Marketing Internacional Study, Course Master Doctorate in International Business in French Marketing International Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese

Direct exports

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