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Commitment to society. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At EENI Business School & HA Independent University we have always felt that we are indebted to the world.

An educational institution with more than twenty years of history has to be grateful to all the students from more than one hundred countries that have trusted us. This feeling of giving back to society some of what has given to us is the “leitmotif” of our corporate social responsibility policy, our commitment to humanity.

We articulate this vision in three distinct areas:

EENI Commitment Society

1- Vision: higher education for all at affordable prices (Professional Master of Science in International Business, Professional Doctorates in International Business)

Higher Education for All at Affordable Prices

Some EENI Business School & HA University students
Online Students, EENI Business School & HA University

African Students, Master International Business

2- Programme: “No to Corruption in International Business

We want to help to eradicate the scourge of corruption in foreign trade value chain. The World Bank has estimated that if we were able to eliminate corruption, the child mortality in the World would drop by 75 percent. Why we allow corruption to exist?

No Corruption    Global Compact EENI

EENI adhesion to the Global Compact of the United Nations.

3- Project “Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business” - Towards the Ahimsa Company.

The objective of this project is to develop a model of a global ethic based on religion as a source of wisdom, that is, identify the shared values accepted by much of humanity. This global ethics model has a significant impact on international business. The proposed model of a global ethic that we propose is based on two principles:

  1. Harmony of Religions (Principle of Sri Ramakrishna)

Harmony of Religions (e-Doctorate) e-Doctorate: Ahimsa Business Non-Violence

  1. Ahimsa (Non-Violence)

An example of the project “Global Ethics, Religions, and Business”: Hinduism spiritual leader (Gandhi) inspires a Muslim Businessman.
Hinduism Islam (Doctorate, Religions)

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Academic Coordinator for Anglophone Countries
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We also have developed the project AFRICAN EXPORT.

Africa: Foreign Trade and Business (Master)

It is important to point out that all these actions are financed exclusively with our resources; we have never received any Government subsidy or public aid.

I want to thank all the people who work at EENI that support all these initiatives because without them it would not be possible.

I sincerely believe that giving back to society part of what has given to us, allows us to be better every day and heading slowly to what I have called the EENI Business School & HA University Ahimsa (Non-Violence) vision.

Nonell Pedro Nonell - Founder of EENI Business School & HA University.

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