EU's Free Trade Agreements

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: the European Union's Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the European Union's Free Trade Agreements (FTA).
  2. European Union's Regional Trade Agreements
  3. Customs Unions
  4. Regional Economic Integration.
  5. Ongoing bilateral and regional negotiations.


Sub-subject β€œEuropean Union's Agreements (FTA)” is studied...
  1. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Europe

Languages of study: English or Spanish UE French UE

European Union-Chile Free Trade Agreement

Sample of the Sub-subject: The European Union's Free Trade Agreements (FTA):
Agreements of the European Union

Description Sub-Subject Description: EU's Trade Agreements:

The European Union is the biggest global trade player: 20% of international trade.

China is the second-largest trade partner of the European Union after the United States.

The main objectives of the European Union's Free Trade Agreements (FTA) are:

  1. To open new international markets for products and services
  2. To increase foreign direct investment flows
  3. To make International Trade cheaper (eliminating customs duties)
  4. To make external trade faster
  5. To make the policy environment more predictable

Each Free Trade Agreement negotiated by the European Union is adapted to the situation of each nation.


β€œThe more ambitious the Free Trade Agreement is, the more benefits are to be gained from the agreement.”

The European Union has granted duty free access for most of the imports from developing countries (Generalised system of preferences.

The European Union's Free Trade Agreements (FTA): the Arab Republic of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, the Palestinian Authority, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), South Korea, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Central America, the Andean Community countries, the MERCOSUR, Chile, Mexico, Turkey, India, China, Lebanon, Algeria, the CARIFORUM, Ivory Coast, and Georgia.

European Union-Mexico Free Trade Agreement

European Union-Gulf Cooperation Council Free Trade Agreement

European Union-South Korea Free Trade Agreement

European Union-Central America Free Trade Agreement

ASEAN-European Union Free Trade Agreement

SADC European Union
SADC-European Union Free Trade Agreement

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