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EU-Mexico Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

European Union-Mexico Free Trade Agreement

  1. Introduction to the EU-Mexico FTA
  2. Advantages of the Agreement for the European and Mexican Companies
  3. Rules of Origin of the agreement
  4. Proofs of Origin Mexico
  5. System Quotas on exports to Mexico
  6. Trade Relations between the EU and Mexico
  7. Investment Flows between Mexico and the EU

EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
European Union-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Market Access - Free Trade Agreements

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Foreign Trade and Business in Mexico

EU Mexico Free Trade Agreement.

In 2000, the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Mexico entered into force.

The EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement covers the international trade in goods and services and has specific chapters on:

  1. Access to the public procurement markets
  2. Competition
  3. IPR
  4. Foreign direct investment

Foreign Trade between Mexico and the EU.

Mexico ranks 21th among the trade partners of the EU and the eighteenth between its export partners.

The EU is the second-largest Mexican Export market after the U.S. and the third largest source of imports after the U.S. and China.

International trade in goods:

  1. The EU imported goods from Mexico: 9.9 billion Euros
  2. The EU exported products to Mexico: 15.9 billion Euros

7,000 Mexican companies have received foreign direct investment from the EU; there is participation by European investors in 22% of all the firms in Mexico that have received Foreign direct investment.

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