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South Africa Master in International Business

Professional Master in International Business: Globalisation, Foreign Trade, Internationalisation, Adaptation to the student's country (Africa), World's Economic Areas, Thesis, Career Opportunities

Degrees, Masters and Doctorates (e-learning) for the South African Students (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban, Messina, and Kimberley, Bloemfontein)

South Africa South Africa: Related Degrees, Masters and Doctorates

  1. Professional Master in International Business
  2. Master African Business (e-learning)
  3. Doctorate in Business in Africa
  4. Bachelor's Degree in Inter-African Business

Opening of the Hispano-African University of International Business in Africa
Hispano-African University of International Business

Susana Fernández, the African Students

South Africa Education for all

EENI (School of International Business) Scholarships for South Africa.

The scholarship for the students and living in South Africa consists of a reduction up to 40% of the total tuition fees.

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H.E. Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

We Trust in Africa

Related Subjects to the South African Students:

  1. African Civilisation
  2. South Africa and the Southern African Economic Area
  3. South African Economy and foreign trade
  4. Case Study:
      - H.E. Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
      - Cheryl Carolus
      - Patrice Motsepe
      - Bridgette Radebe
      - Cyril Ramaphosa
      - Irene Charnley
      - Rapelang Rabana
      - Wendy Appelbaum
  5. South African Ports
  6. Alternative ports: Walvis Bay and Maputo
  7. South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  8. Southern African Customs Union (SACU)
  9. South Africa and the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite
  10. South Africa and the Indian-Ocean Rim Association (IORA)
  11. India-South Africa (SACU)
  12. EFTA-Southern African Customs Union (SACU)
  13. South Africa and the Cotonou Agreement
  14. Trade Agreement with Malawi and Cameroon
  15. United States-South Africa (AGOA)
  16. European Union-South Africa Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement
  17. Cairo-Gaborone-South Africa Corridor
  18. Tripoli-Windhoek-South Africa Corridor
  19. North-South Corridor
  20. African Union (AU)
  21. Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption (AU)
  22. New Partnership for Africa (NEPAD)
  23. Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
  24. African Development Bank
  25. Africa (ZA)-Korea Partnership
  26. Africa (ZA)-BRICS
  27. BRICS Countries
  28. South Africa-South America Summit (ASA)
  29. Africa-Asia Strategic Partnership (NAASP)
  30. South Africa-China
  31. South Africa-India
  32. South Africa-Turkey
  33. Africa-Japan
  34. Afro-Arab Cooperation
  35. Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

EENI African Students:
EENI African Students


Patrice Motsepe South African Businessman

Custom Union of the Southern African Development Community

Port of Durban South Africa

SADC Common Market (Southern African Development Community)

EFTA-Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

India-South Africa Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Cheryl Carolus (South African Businesswoman)

Rapelang Rabana South African Businesswoman

Wendy Appelbaum (South African Businesswoman)

SADC-European Union Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Agreement (Africa)

Bridgette Radebe South African Businesswoman

Transport in the Southern African Development Community Region

SADC Certificate of Origin

African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)

Indian-Ocean Rim Association IORA

Cyril Ramaphosa (South African Businessman)

Irene Charnley South African Businesswoman

North-South Corridor (Africa)

French Afrique du Sud Portuguese Africa do Sul Spanish Sudáfrica

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