Bridgette Radebe (South African Businesswoman)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Bridgette Radebe (Businesswoman / South Africa).

  1. The South African Businesswoman Bridgette Radebe, the first black mining entrepreneur
  2. Mmakau Mining Company
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Bridgette Radebe South African Businesswoman

Description of the Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Bridgette Radebe (South African Businesswoman)

Bridgette Radebe was born in 1960 in South Africa, in the times of the Apartheid.

  1. Bridgette Radebe is considered as the “First Black Mining Businesswoman.”
  2. Radebe founded the Mmakau Mining, owning coal, gold, chrome and platinum mines in South Africa, today she is the CEO.
  3. According to Forbes, Bridgette Radebe is one of the Most Powerful African Women
  4. Bridgette Radebe is the sister of the South African multi-millionaire Patrice Motsepe and Dr Tshepo Motsepe (wife of Cyril Ramaphosa)
  5. Ms Bridgette was the pioneer of developing empowerment models in the African mining sector. When she was young, black people were banned from holding mining licences in South Africa
  6. Bridgette Radebe was the President of the South African Mining Development Association and founder of the Board of Trustees of the New Africa Mining Fund
  7. Currently; Radebe is the Advisor to the Minister of Minerals and Energy
  8. Bridgette Radebe holds a Law Degree

The African Businesswoman Bridgette Radebe belongs to the Southern African Economic Area (African Civilisation).

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