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Syllabus of the Online Subject: Patrice Motsepe (South African Businessman and Philanthropist).

  1. Patrice Motsepe (South African Businessman and Philanthropist)
  2. Mining Business of Motsepe
  3. Motsepe Foundation. A member of “The Giving Pledge” (Bill Gates)

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Patrice Motsepe South African Businessman (Course Master)

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Description of the Online Subject: Patrice Motsepe (South African Businessman)

Patrice Motsepe (South African Businessman) was born on January 1962 in Soweto (South Africa).

  1. Motsepe has an estimated net worth of 2.9 billion dollars, one of the richest men in South Africa
  2. In 1999, Patrice Motsepe founded the “Motsepe Foundation.” Patrice Motsepe donated 1 million dollars to the Ebola Fund (Guinea Conakry) to collaborate in the struggle against Ebola
  3. Patrice Motsepe has not made public his religious affiliation, but it seems that is Christian
  4. PhD Precious Moloi Motsepe is the wife of Patrice Motsepe; she is the Chairperson of International African Fashion
  5. Bridgette Radebe and PhD Tshepo Motsepe (wife of Cyril Ramaphosa) are sisters of Patrice Motsepe
  6. Patrice Motsepe is also the Chairperson of Sanlam Life Insurance, a member of the International Business Council (World Economic Forum), and a member of the International Council of JP Morgan
  7. In 2013, he was the Chairperson of the BRICS Business Council (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)
  8. In 1994, Patrice Motsepe founded “Future Mining,” in 1997 “ARM Gold” (listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2002)
  9. In 2003, Motsepe established “Anglovaal Mining.”

In 2013, Patrice Motsepe joined the Giving Pledge project lead by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Thus, Motsepe's family has the commitment to donate half of his fortune to philanthropy.

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