Wendy Appelbaum (Investor, South Africa)

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Sub-subject: Wendy Appelbaum (South African Businesswoman). Syllabus:

  1. Wendy Appelbaum (South African investor and businesswoman)
  2. Investment firm WIPHOLD
  3. Morgenzon Estate (Wine)
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  1. Doctorate in Business in Africa
  2. Masters: Africa, BRICS Countries, and International Business
  3. Courses (e-learning): African Economy, Southern Africa

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Wendy Appelbaum (South Africa):
Wendy Appelbaum (South African Businesswoman)

Sub-Subject Description: Wendy Appelbaum (South African Businesswoman):

  1. The African Businesswoman Wendy Appelbaum is the daughter of Donald Gordon, one of the biggest philanthropist and most influential Businessman in South Africa.
  2. Wendy Appelbaum was Director of Liberty Investors Limited
  3. Appelbaum co-founded WIPHOLD (Women’s Investment Portfolio Holdings) a South African investment company owned and managed by black women.
  4. One of the aims of WIPHOLD is the empowerment of black women in Africa, China, Brazil, and India. WIPHOLD is quoted at the JSE (Johannesburg Securities Exchange)
  5. Wendy Appelbaum is also Chairperson of “Connection Group,” one of the biggest IT distributor in South Africa and Director of Morgenzon Estate (wine farm)
  6. Wendy is also a trustee in the investment holding “Tribune Trust” and Director in the black empowerment firm “Sphere Holdings.”
  7. Wendy Appelbaum is a prominent philanthropist, collaborating with the Donald Gordon Foundation, the Wits Gordon Medical centre, Helen Suzman Foundation, and Global Philanthropists' Circle
  8. Wendy Appelbaum is Jewish.

Wendy Appelbaum belongs to the Southern African Economic Area of the African Civilisation.

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