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Doctorate / Master adapted to the Norwegian Students. Norway, Oslo

Norway Doctorate Norway recommendations for the Norwegian Students

  1. Professional Master's Program in International Business (MIB)
  2. Professional Doctorate in Global Ethics, Religions, and International Business (e-learning)

Summary of the adaptation (subjects) of the Master and Doctorate (e-learning) in International Business to the Norwegian Students.

Norway Master

Canada-EFTA Free Trade Agreement

  1. Norway and the European Free Trade Association EFTA Europeiske frihandelsforbund

EFTA (Free Trade Agreements)

  1. Singapore-Norway FTA (Frihandelsavtalen Singapore-European Free Trade Association)
  2. Frihandelsavtalen India-Norway
  3. Norway-Canada
  4. Norway-Chile
  5. Norway-Mexico
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina-Norway
  7. Norway-Southern African Customs Union (SACU)
  8. Norway-Serbia
  9. The Philippines- Norway
  10. Norway-Tunisia
  11. Norway-Ukraine
  12. Norway-Turkey
  13. Norway-Lebanon
  14. Morocco
  15. Colombia-Norway
  16. Norway-Gulf Cooperation Council
  17. Norway-South Korea
  18. Norway-Montenegro
  19. Macedonia-Norway
  20. Georgia-Norway
  21. Norway-Egypt
  22. Norway-Jordan
  23. Peru-Norway
  24. Norway-Central America
  25. Albania-Norway

EFTA-Albania Free Trade Agreement

Other Regional Economic Organisations:

  1. CBSS (Rådet for Østersjørådet)
  2. European Economic and Social Committee
  3. Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
  4. Economic Commission Europe (FNs økonomiske kommisjon for Europa)
  5. Regional Cooperation Council
  6. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

EENI (School of International Business) Scholarships Norway.

The scholarship for the Norwegian Students and living in Norway (Oslo, Drammen, Stavanger, Hamar, Bergen, Alesund, Bodo, Tromso.) consists of a reduction up to 10% of the total tuition fees.


EFTA-Bosnia and Herzegovina Free Trade Agreement

EFTA-Turkey Free Trade Agreement

EFTA-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

EFTA-Tunisia Free Trade Agreement

EFTA-Jordan Free Trade Agreement

Colombia-EFTA Free Trade Agreement

EFTA-Lebanon Free Trade Agreement


EFTA-Serbia Free Trade Agreement

EFTA-Montenegro Free Trade Agreement

Master European Students:
EENI European Students

Master i International Business (utenrikshandel, Global markedsføring og internasjonalisering) MIB Executive.

Master MIB Adaptation.

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