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International Transport and Logistics (Bachelor's Degree e-learning, second semester)

Bachelor's Degree in Inter-African Business

Bachelor's Degree in International Trade

Subject - “International Transport and Logistics” (5 ECTS) - Bachelor's Degree in Inter-African Business and International Trade (second semester)

International Transport

The objectives of the subject “International Transport and Logistics”:

  1. To understand the importance of logistics and international transport
  2. To know the different techniques of export packaging and the importance of the containers
  3. To understand the functioning of the different modes of international transport

Syllabus of the Program - Logistics and International Transport.

  1. Introduction to Foreign Trade Logistic
  2. International transport chain
  3. Authorised Economic Operator
  4. Selecting a mode of transport
  5. Documents, costs and insurance of international transport
  6. Export packaging

Syllabus of the Program - Maritime Transport.

  1. Introduction to the maritime transport
  2. Main ports of the World
  3. Maritime transport market
  4. Regular lines and charters
  5. Agents of the maritime transport
  6. Documentation. Bill of Lading (B/L)
  7. Costs of the maritime transport. Freight
  8. Insurance
  9. Legislation related to the international transport:
    1. Hague-Visby Rules
    2. Hamburg Rules
  10. Outlook of the marine transport market
  11. Case Study:
    1. Maersk Group
    2. World fleet
    3. Chang Yung-fa founder of Evergreen

Syllabus of the Program - International Air Transport.

  1. Unit load device
  2. International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  3. Costs and insurance
  4. AWB document (Air Waybill)
  5. Case Study:
    1. Air France
    2. The largest airports of the World
    3. Global air transport market

Syllabus of the Program - Road Transport.

  1. Costs and insurance of the Road transport
  2. Conventions governing the road transport: CMR and TIR
  3. Forwarder certificate of receipt (FCR)
  4. Road freight documentation (CMR)
  5. Introduction to the African transport corridors

Syllabus of the Program - Railway Transport.

  1. Documentation: CIM Rail Consignment Note
  2. Governing conventions (CIM and TIF)
  3. Costs and insurance
  4. Case Study:
    1. SNCF in Europe
    2. Railway Transport in Morocco and Cameroon

Syllabus of the Program - Multimodal Transport.

  1. Costs and insurance of the Multimodal Transport
  2. FIATA Combined Transport Bill of Lading (CTBL)
  3. Multimodal Bill of Lading
  4. Rules for multimodal transport documents of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  5. UNCTAD and multimodal transport

Samples: International Transport and Logistics (Bachelor's Degree in Inter-African Business and International Trade e-learning, second semester)

African Northern Transport Corridor

International Transport / Logistics

International Road Transport

Logistics Corridors in Namibia

Language of the subject “International Transport and Logistics” of the Bachelor's Degree (second semester): English or Spanish Licenciatura África French Licence Afrique Portuguese Bachelor's Degree Africa

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