International Marketing III (Bachelor's Degree)

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International Marketing III (Bachelor's Degree in International Trade, e-learning, fourth semester)

Bachelor's Degree in International Trade (Request for information)

Degree in International Trade, EENI (Business School) and HA University

Subject - “International Marketing III (International Promotion, Country Brand, Market Segmentation, Brand and Positioning)” (9 ECTS) - Bachelor's Degree in International Trade (fourth semester)

Syllabus of the Program: International promotion.

1- International promotion

  1. Introduction to the International Promotion Policy
  2. Local, regional and global promotion strategies
  3. International Promotion strategy when entering new export markets
  4. Direct and indirect international promotion
  5. International promotion MIX
  6. International Promotion Campaign
  7. Advertising and publicity
  8. Public Relations
  9. Case Study
  10. Importance of the international trade shows in the internationalisation process
  11. Objectives of the participation in the international trade shows
  12. Preparation and organisation of international trade shows
  13. Business Trips and international marketing

2- Influence of the country image

  1. Concept of Country Brand
  2. Influence of the country image on international marketing
  3. Country Brand as a competitive advantage
  4. Internationalisation Strategy and “Country Brand”
  5. Country Brand International Rankings
  6. Rating Agencies
  7. Case Study

3- e-Promotion

  1. Key concepts of the e-promotion
  2. WEB 2.0
  3. Effective digital promotion
  4. Search Engine Positioning
  5. Social networks and international promotion
  6. Company 2.0 Business models

Objectives of the Program “International promotion”:

  1. To know how to design and implement the international promotion strategies more adapted for each market
  2. To understand the importance of the “country image” brand and to know how to use it in the Internationalisation Strategies
  3. To understand the importance of international trade shows
  4. To understand the concepts of e-promotion
  5. To evaluate the importance of the social networks in the international marketing

Syllabus of the Program: Segmentation, Brand and Positioning

1- International market segmentation:

  1. Importance of the international market segmentation
  2. Criteria of market segmentation
  3. Steps of a process of global segmentation
  4. Niche markets and segmentation
  5. Market Segmentation Strategies: concentrated, differentiated, product specialisation, market specialisation and total market coverage
  6. Case Study:
    1. International segmentation strategy of the Volkswagen Group
    2. Strategy of Matsushita and Unilever
    3. VALS Report

2- International Brand Strategy

  1. Importance of the brand in the Internationalisation Strategy
  2. Brand strategies in foreign markets
  3. Global, regional and local brands
  4. Building an international brand
  5. Brand value
  6. Case Study:
    1. World's leading brands
    2. Brand strategy of the companies Wrigley, ACER, the Gucci Group and Mitsubishi

3- Positioning in the international markets

  1. Introduction to international positioning
  2. Strategies and stages of international positioning
  3. Positioning a brand
  4. Case Study:
    1. Positioning a new brand in the Australian Market
    2. The case of Ford Motors and United Biscuits

Objectives of the Program “International Segmentation, Brand and Positioning”:

  1. To understand the importance of the international segmentation
  2. To know the criteria for applying a global brand policy or adapted to the markets, as well as manage the brand in the international markets
  3. To know what criteria to apply to positioning a brand in the international markets

Subjects of the fourth semester of the Bachelor's Degree in International Trade

International Marketing (Degree in Trade, 2-4)

ECTS: European Transfer and Accumulation System

Samples: International Marketing III (international promotion, trade shows, Country Brand, market segmentation, the brand and the positioning) (Bachelor's Degree in International Trade, e-learning, fourth semester)

International market segmentation

Country Brand Colombia

Global brand strategy

International Brand

International Promotion

Language of the subject “International Marketing III” of the Bachelor's Degree in International Trade (fourth semester): Higher Education in English or Tertiary Education in Spanish Licenciatura en Comercio Internacional Post-secondary Education in French Licence en commerce international Study in Portuguese Licenciatura em Comércio Internacionale

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