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Incoterms/Export Documents (Bachelor, Trade)

Incoterms. Export and Import Documents (Bachelor of Science in International Trade e-learning)

Bachelor of Science in International Trade (Enrol / Request for Information)

Bachelor of Science in International Trade

Subject - “Incoterms. Export and Import Documents” (4 ECTS) - Online Bachelor of Science in International Trade (first semester)

Syllabus of the Program: Incoterms

  1. Introduction to the Incoterms
  2. Analysis of the Incoterms
  3. International transport and the Incoterms
  4. News Incoterms: DAT and DAP
  5. Teplaced Incoterms: DAF, DES, DEQ and DDU
  6. Incoterms FAS, FOB, CFR and CIF (Maritime transport and inland navigation)
  7. Incoterms EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP and DDP (all kinds of transport)
  8. How to use the Incoterms?
  9. Criteria for selection of the Incoterms

Objectives of the Program “Incoterms”:

  1. To understand the importance of the Incoterms in Foreign Trade
  2. To learn how to calculate the export price in function of the Incoterms
  3. To know the risk, cost and formalities required in function of the selected Incoterm

Syllabus of the Program: Export and Import Documents

  1. Documents in foreign trade transactions
  2. International transport Documents (bill of lading...)
  3. Administrative Documents of Foreign Trade
  4. Trade Documents (pro-forma invoice, invoice, packing list...)
  5. Documents of origin (certificate of origin...)
  6. Other Foreign Trade documents
  7. Case Study:
    1. Documents needed to export to Brazil
    2. Documentation needed for an exportation to Angola

Objectives of the Program “International Trade Documents”:

  1. To know Foreign Trade documents
  2. To know how to fill the import/export documents
  3. To know how to perform the corresponding check-lists

Subjects of the first semester of the Bachelor of Science in International Trade

Global Economy (Bachelor of Science in Trade, 1-1)

ECTS: European Transfer and cumulation System

Samples: the Incoterms and the Export and Import Documents (Bachelor of Science in International Trade, e-learning, first semester)

Incoterms (Course Master Doctorate)

European Union GSP Form A, Course Master

Price of Traded Goods

EENI Global Business School & University, Masters

Language of the subject “Incoterms and Export and Import Documents” of the Bachelor of Science in International Trade (first semester): Master in International Business in English or Study eLearning Bachelor of Science in Spanish Bachelor of Science en Comercio Internacional Study an Online Bachelor of Science in French Bachelor of Science en commerce international Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Bachelor of Science em Comércio Internacionale

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