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International Marketing II (e-Bachelor, Trade)

International Marketing II (Bachelor of Science in International Trade, e-learning, fourth semester)

Bachelor of Science in International Trade (Enrol / Request for Information)

Bachelor of Science in International Trade

Subject - “International Marketing II (Export Prices, International Distribution)” (8 ECTS) - Online Bachelor of Science in International Trade (fourth semester)

Syllabus of the Program: International Product (Services) Policy

1) International Product/Service Policy

  1. Product/Service in the international markets
  2. Product/Services Strategies and international marketing
  3. Normalisation, adaptation and diversification of products
  4. Modifications and adaptations of the products (services) to international markets
  5. Locally Adapted Products
  6. Global Standard Products
  7. Brand and product (services) policy
  8. Business portfolio
  9. BCG Growth-Share Matrix
  10. McKinsey matrix
  11. Experience curve
  12. Product Policy (services) and e-business
  13. E-product (from traditional products to digital products/services)
  14. Aggregation of digital value
  15. Case Study
  16. Quality and international marketing
  17. Standards and certifications

Objectives of the Program “International Product Policy”:

  1. To know how to design product/services strategies for the international markets
  2. To learn the importance of adapting an export product or service to the local or regional requirements when entering new export markets
  3. To know how to add value to a traditional product with value digital services

Syllabus of the Program: Export Prices

  1. International Pricing Policy
  2. Calculation of the export prices
  3. International prices and Incoterms
  4. Product life cycle and international pricing policy
  5. Analysis of competitors prices
  6. Pricing options available to the exporter
  7. International Pricing Strategies
  8. International Pricing Policy and the international marketing plan
  9. E-business and International Pricing Policy
  10. Case Study:
    1. Pricing Policy and Inflation
    2. Price of Traded Goods and Services in Asia

The objectives of the Program “Export prices”:

  1. To understand the importance of the International Pricing Policy
  2. To know how to design an international price strategy and its repercussion in the international marketing plan
  3. To learn how to calculate the export prices for the different markets

Syllabus of the Program: International Distribution.

1- International distribution

  1. International Distribution Policy
  2. Direct exports
  3. Associated exportation
  4. Export Consortia
  5. Export Consultancy
  6. Trading Companies
  7. Value Aggregation to the international distribution network
  8. Case Study:
    1. Mitsubishi Corporation
    2. Sogo Shoshas and Chaebols
    3. Sanofi-Aventis
    4. Toshiba
    5. The “Third Italy”
  9. International distribution and e-business

2- Direct exports

  1. Own staff company
  2. Importers and Distributors
  3. International Representative
  4. Joint-ventures
  5. Foreign Subsidiaries (Sales and Production)
  6. International Licences and Franchises
  7. Other forms of internationalisation
  8. Case Study:
    1. International Distribution networks in centralised economies
    2. Renault-Nissan Alliance
    3. Sumitomo
    4. Rolls-Royce
    5. 7-Eleven
    6. Mango
    7. Itochu

3- Distribution Network Management:

  1. Selection criteria of the distributor/salesman
  2. Profile of the distributor/salesman
  3. Contract of international distribution
  4. Recruitment methods of distributors
  5. Control and supervision of the distributor/salesman
  6. Case Study.
    1. An exclusive agent in two markets
    2. Electrolux in India
    3. “Grey” Networks
    4. Itochu

Objectives of the Program “International distribution”:

  1. To understand the different International Distribution Strategies
  2. To know how to select the most appropriate direct export strategy for each market
  3. To understand the importance of good management of the Distribution Network Management
  4. To know the trends of the international distribution

Subjects of the fourth semester of the Bachelor of Science in International Trade

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ECTS: European Transfer and cumulation System

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Direct exports

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International pricing policy

Price of Traded Goods

Licences and franchises

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