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Professional Master in International Business: Globalisation, Foreign Trade, Internationalisation, Adaptation to the student's country (America), World's Economic Areas, Thesis, Career Opportunities

Doctorates and Masters in International Business (e-learning) adapted to the Surinamese students

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  1. Doctorate in International Business (online) specialisation in America
  2. Professional Master in International Business
  3. Master in Business in America

EENI (School of International Business) Scholarships for Suriname

The scholarship for the Surinamese students and living in Suriname (Paramaribo, Brokopondo, Commewijne, Coronie, Marowijne, Nickerie) consists of a reduction up to 35% of the total tuition fees.

Summary of the Adaptation (subjects) of the Master and Doctorate in International Business (e-learning) to the Surinamese students:

Suriname Master

Caribbean Development Bank

  1. Suriname as a member of the Latin American economic area of the Western Christian Civilisation
    1. Slave Trade
    2. Abolition of the Slavery
    3. Toussaint Louverture, Marcus Garvey and Victor Schoelcher
    4. African Diaspora
  2. Suriname and the Association of Caribbean States ACS
  3. The CARICOM and the Caribbean Community and Common Market
  4. Agreement on International Trade Colombia-Suriname
  5. Suriname-Costa Rica
  6. CARIFORUM-European Union Economic Partnership Agreement (EU)
  7. Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA)
  8. CARICOM-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
  9. Suriname and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
  10. Inter-American Development Bank
  11. Islamic Development Bank
  12. Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
    1. Trade Preferential System among the Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (TPS-OIC)
    2. Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC)
    3. Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    4. Islamic Centre for the Development of Trade
    5. Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC)
  13. Organisation of American States (OAS)
  14. Arab Development Funds
  15. UNASUR: Union of South American Nations (Suriname)
  16. Africa-Suriname
  17. ASPA: Suriname-Arab Countries


CARICOM-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

CARIFORUM-European Union Economic Partnership Agreement

Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

Association of Caribbean States (ACS)

Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (OIC-COMCEC)

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