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Diploma in International Trade (eLearning)

Professional Diploma in International Trade (Online, 30 ECTS, Master in International Business in English)

The objective of the Professional Diploma in International Trade (Online) taught by EENI Global Business School is to provide all the knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary to manage all the technical aspects related to the foreign trade of an exporting company: Incoterms, transportation, customs, documents, payments, documentary credits, international finance, and contracts.

Diploma International Trade

Diploma intended for all those wishing to specialise in international trade.

The Professional Diploma in International Trade is ideal for those who are new to export as well as experienced export companies because it will provide successful experts with a thorough grounding in the key areas of foreign trade.

  1. Credits of the Professional Diploma in International trade: 30 ECTS Credits (European Credit Transfer and Cumulation System)
  2. Duration: 6 months
  3. Total Tuition Fees of the Professional Diploma: EUR 720 (Pricing Policy, Financing)
  4. Download in PDF
    1. Brochure of the Professional Diploma in International Trade
    2. Syllabus of Subjects Related to the Foreign Trade

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Learning materials in Master in International Business in English. The Professional Diploma is also available in Study Master Doctorate Business in Spanish Programa Superior en Comercio Exterior Study, Master in International Business in French Diplôme en Commerce International Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Curso de especialização em Comércio Exterior. For improving the international communication skills, the student has free access to the course materials in these languages (free multilingual training).

Subjects of the Professional Diploma in International trade

  1. Introduction to Exporting (1 ECTS)
  2. Documentation for International Trade (1 ECTS)
  3. Incoterms (2 ECTS)
  4. Customs Procedures (4 ECTS)
    1. World Customs Organisation (WCO)
    2. Customs and the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  5. Introduction to International Transport and Logistics (5 ECTS) (PDF)
    1. Containers and International Transportation
      1. Customs Convention on Containers (CCC)
      2. International Convention for Safe Containers
      3. Convention Relating to Temporary Admission
    2. International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)
      1. Negotiable Combined Transport Bill of Lading (FIATA FBL)
      2. Non-negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Waybill (FIATA FWB)
      3. Electronic FIATA Bill of Lading (eFBL Bill of Lading)
      4. Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FIATA FCR)
      5. Forwarders Certificate of Transport (FIATA FCT)
      6. Warehouse Receipt (FIATA FWR)
  6. Methods of Payment. Letters of Credit (4 ECTS)
  7. International Trade Finance (3 ECTS)
    1. FOREX - Foreign Exchange Market
    2. International Bonds and Guarantees
  8. International Contracts (3 ECTS)
    1. Anti-corruption Clause of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    2. United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and cumulation System)

Optional subjects. The student must select 6 ECTS of the following subjects.

  1. Non-tariff Measures (4 ECTS) (PDF)
    1. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS)
      1. Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS)
    2. Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)
      1. Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade
    3. Pre-shipment Inspection
      1. Agreement on Preshipment Inspection
    4. Anti-dumping Measures and Safeguards
      1. Agreement on Safeguards (SG)
    5. Import Licensing and Quotas
  2. Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) (2 ECTS)
    1. World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
  3. Trade in Services (2 ECTS)
  4. No to Corruption in International Business (4 ECTS) (PDF)

No to Corruption in International Business, Master

No to Corruption in International Business

The selection of the optional subjects is done from the EENI e-campus, once the enrolment is formalised.

The Diploma includes the EENI Global Business School Market Access tool
Course Master: International Market Access

Video Master of Science in International Business Video Professional Diploma in International Trade.

  1. Objectives of the Professional Diploma
  2. Career opportunities related to the Professional Diploma in International Trade

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Academic Coordinator for Anglophone Countries
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The students who complete all the exercises will obtain the “Professional Diploma in International Trade” issued by EENI Global Business School.

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The students who have approved this Professional Diploma can validate them and register for a Master or Doctorate at EENI:

  1. Diploma: International Transport
  2. Masters: Foreign Trade and International Marketing, International Business, International Transport, Logistics in Africa
  3. Doctorate: World Trade

Advantages EENI Global Business School & University

  1. Organisation: EENI Global Business School
  2. Students can begin the course when he/she wishes (open enrolment) and from any place in the world
  3. Requires an average dedication of 12 hours per week
  4. Methodology: e-learning/Online
  5. Case method

Online Enrolment Procedure (continuous):

Online Course enrolment procedure, EENI

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Examples of the Professional Diploma in International Trade:

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