Asian-African Strategic Partnership

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Syllabus of the Subject: New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP).

  1. Introduction to the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP)
  2. Africa-Asia Sub-regional Organisation Conference (AASROC)
  3. Afro-Asian Conference (Bandung Conference)
  4. Declaration on the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership
  5. Foreign trade Africa-Asia

The aims of the subject “New Asian-African Strategic Partnership” are the following:

  1. To understand the objectives of the New Asia-Africa Strategic Partnership
  2. To evaluate the advantages for the African Countries
  3. To know the pillars of the Afro-Asian cooperation
  4. To analyse the foreign trade between Asia and Africa
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  2. Course: International Relations of Africa
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Credits of the subject “Asia-Africa Strategic Partnership”: 0.2 ECTS Credits

Sample of the subject - New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP):
New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP)

Hispano-African University of International Business

Hispano-African University of International Business

Description of the Subject (Online Learning): New Asian-African Strategic Partnership

In the Asia-Africa Summit held in Indonesia (Jakarta, 2005), the African and Asian leaders adopted the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP) with the main objective of encouraging bi-continental cooperation between them.

The three pillars of the Strategic Partnership between Asia and Africa are:

  1. Economic Cooperation
  2. Socio-cultural Relations
  3. Political Solidarity

South Africa and Indonesia co-chairs the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership.

The New Asian-African Strategic Partnership is a forum for cooperation between fifty-four Asian Countries and fifty-two African Countries.

The New Asian-African Strategic Partnership has defined eight top areas of collaboration:

  1. SME
  2. Food security
  3. University networking
  4. Tourism
  5. Energy security
  6. Gender equality
  7. Women empowerment
  8. Fight against trans-national organised crime
  9. Counterterrorism

The New Asian-African Strategic Partnership devotes particular attention to the cause of the liberation of Palestine.

Foreign Trade Asia-Africa.

  1. Asia is the third export continental market of Africa (26% of the total African foreign trade)
  2. Africa is the four export continental market of Asia (3% of the total Asian foreign trade)
  3. Total Asian foods exports to Africa: 16 billion dollars
  4. Commodities are the largest African export product to Asia
  5. Top African imports from Asia are capital and consumer goods and fuel

Bilateral Relations Asia-Africa:

  1. Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
  2. Africa-India Framework for Cooperation
  3. Africa-Japan (TICAD)
  4. Africa-Korea

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