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Syllabus of the Online Subject: Doing Business in the Seychelles - Victoria.

  1. Introduction to the Republic of Seychelles (East Africa)
  2. Doing Business in Victoria
  3. Economy of the Seychelles
  4. International Trade of the Seychelles
  5. Seychellois Custom Procedures
  6. Business and Investment Opportunities in the Seychelles
    1. Fisheries
    2. Offshore Industries
    3. Energy
    4. Agriculture
    5. Tourism
  7. Seychelles Investment Board
  8. Case Study: Seychelles Trading Company
  9. Access to Seychellois market

The objectives of the Online Subject “Foreign Trade and Business in the Republic of the Seychelles” are the following:

  1. To analyse Seychellois economy and foreign trade
  2. To know the business opportunities in the Seychelles
  3. To explore Seychellois trade relations with the student's country
  4. To know Seychellois Free Trade Agreements
  5. To examine the profile of Seychellois companies
  6. To develop a business plan for Seychellois market

The eLearning Subject “Doing Business in the Seychelles” is part of the following Online Higher Education Programs taught by EENI Business School & HA University:
  1. Doctorates: Business in Africa, Global Trade
  2. Diploma: Business in East Africa
  3. Masters: African Business, Transport in Africa, International Business, Foreign Trade, International Transport

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Higher Education programs adapted to Seychellois Students

The course materials are available in Master in International Business in English or Study, Master in International Business in French Seychelles Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Seychelles Study Master Doctorate Business in Spanish Seychelles

  1. Credits of the Online Subject “Foreign Trade and Business in the Seychelles”: 2 ECTS Credits
  2. Duration: two weeks

Example of the Online Subject (Doing Business in the Seychelles):
Master Course: Business in Seychelles

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI Academic Coordinator for Anglophone Countries
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Description of the Online Subject: Doing Business in the Seychelles.

Seychelles Customs (Course Master)

The Republic of Seychelles (Africa).

Seychelles is the first African Country by Human Development.

  1. Seychellois Area: 455 square kilometres
  2. Seychellois Capital: Victoria
  3. Seychellois Population: 94,000
  4. Adult literacy rate: 96%
  5. Official Languages: Creole, English, and French
  6. Independence: 1976 (United Kingdom)
  7. Type of Government: Socialist Multi-Party Republic
  8. Civil Law: based on French Napoleonic Code. Criminal law: based on the British laws
  9. Nearest countries: Mozambique, the Comoros, and Mauritius

Religion: 86% of the Seychellois are Catholics

More information about Seychelles (African Portal - EENI Business School & HA University).

Africa: Foreign Trade and Business (Master)

The Seychelles belongs to East African Economic Area (African Civilisation).

Economy of the Seychelles:

The Seychelles is one of the less corrupt African Countries.

  1. Seychellois GDP growth: 3.5%
  2. Tertiary sector: 71% of GDP
  3. Inflation: 4.4%
  4. Top Seychellois sectors: tourism (29% of GDP), construction, private consumption, financial and insurance services, and information and communication technology
  5. Top agricultural products: copra, cinnamon bark, and tea
  6. The Seychellois Natural resources: fish, coconut, cinnamon, Petrol, and gas
  7. Top Seychellois exports: canned tuna, fish, frozen prawns, cinnamon bark, medical appliances, and metals
  8. Top Seychellois trading partners: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union (EU), and the COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) countries
  9. Currency: Seychelles Rupee (SCR)
  10. Special Investment Zones

Indian Ocean Commission (Africa, Master)

The Seychelles has preferential access to...

  1. Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
  2. Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  3. COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Agreement
  4. Indian Ocean Commission
  5. The United States: AGOA Act - Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (COMESA)
  6. Africa-European Union Strategic Partnership (European Union)
  7. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India

The Seychelles is a member of:

  1. African Development Bank
  2. Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
  3. New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)
  4. African Union (AU)
  5. Africa-South America Summit (ASA)
  6. Indian-Ocean Rim Association (IORA)
  7. Relationships with China and India

Samples - Business in the Seychelles

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

Custom Union of the Southern African Development Community

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