Adewale Tinubu (Businessperson, Nigeria)

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: Adewale Tinubu (Nigerian Businessman and Philanthropist). Syllabus:

  1. The Nigerian Muslim Businessman Adewale Tinubu (the King of African petrol)
  2. Oando Energy Resources
  3. Ocean and Oil Group


Sub-subject “Adewale Tinubu (Nigerian Philanthropist and Businessman)” is studied...
  1. Doctorates: Islamic Countries, Africa
  2. Courses (e-learning): African Economy, West Africa
  3. Masters: International Business, Muslims Countries, Africa, BRICS Countries (Nigeria), and Frontier Markets

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Adewale Tinubu (Nigeria)
Adewale Tinubu Nigerian Businessman

Description Sub-Subject Description: Adewale Tinubu (Nigerian Businessman):

  1. The Nigerian Businessperson and Philanthropist Adewale Tinubu was born in 1967 in Lagos (Nigeria).
  2. Adewale Tinubu is the founder of one of the largest energy enterprises in Africa: Oando Energy Resources.
  3. One of the branches of Oando, “Oando Marketing” controls 300 retail service stations in Nigeria. The group is present in other West African countries.
  4. Adewale Tinubu is Muslim.
  5. In 1994, Adewale Tinubu founded the Group Ocean and Oil.
  6. In 2000, the group acquired UNIPETROL
  7. In 2002, AGIP Nigeria (the largest acquisition in Nigeria).
  8. Adewale Tinubu was nominated as African Business Leader (African Business Awards) and as Global Young Leader (World Economic Forum). For Forbes, Adewale Tinubu is the “King of African petrol.”
  9. Adewale Tinubu studied a Bachelor degree in Laws (University of Liverpool) and a Master Degree in Laws (London School of Economics).

“Regarding population, resources, and demand, the most interesting pre-emerging or frontier market is Africa. Good governance and democracy are increasingly implemented.” Adewale Tinubu

Adewale Tinubu is an African Businessman of the West African Economic Area of the African Civilisation.

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