Amina Odidi (Nigeria, Canada)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Dr Amina Odidi (Scientific and businesswoman, Nigeria) - Co-founder of Intellipharmaceutics.

  1. The Nigerian Businesswoman and Scientific Amina Odidi (Muslim)
  2. The Canadian pharmaceutical company “Intellipharmaceutics”
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Sample of the Subject - Amina Odidi (Nigerian Businesswoman)
Amina Odidi (Businesswoman, Nigeria)

Description of the Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Amina Odidi (Nigerian Businesswoman)

  1. In 1998, Dr Amina Odidi (Nigeria) with her husband, Dr Isa Odidi, co-founded Intellipharmaceutics Inc. in Toronto Canada
  2. Intellipharmaceutics works in the research and manufacturing generic controlled-release drugs for diabetes, neurology, or cardiovascular diseases
  3. Dr Amina Odidi is the President of the Company Intellipharmaceutics
  4. Odidi earns a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and obtains a PhD In Pharmaceutics (University of London)
  5. Dr Amina Odidi and Dr Isa Odidi (1955, Kano - Nigeria) are Muslims
  6. They are married in 1979, and they have five children

Amina Odidi is an African Businesswoman of the West African Economic Area (African Civilisation)

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