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Islam in Africa: Egypt, Nigeria. Sunni Muslims

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African Muslim Businesspeople. Islam. Sudan, Morocco. Mohamed “Mo” Ibrahim

African Student, Master / Doctorate International Business

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Unfortunately, there are no fully reliable statistics on Islam in Africa. It seems that the African Christian Population is about 489 million people (47% of the African population), followed closely by Muslims with 422 million (40%), and the African Traditional Religions (10%). In any case, these data must be taken with caution.

  1. Furthermore, an African can follow simultaneously African Traditional Religions and Islam (or Christianity)
  2. Most African Muslims are Sunni

As shown below, there are twenty-two African Countries that Islam represents 50% or more of the population:

Country (% Population)
1. Somalia 100%
2. Mauritania 100%
3. The Western Sahara 100%
4. Djibouti 99%
5. Tunisia 98%
6. Morocco 98%
7. Algeria 97%
8. Libya 97%
9. Niger 96%
10. Senegal 95%
11. Mali 94%
12. Guinea 92%
13. The Gambia 90%
14. Egypt 85%
15. Sudan 80%
16. Chad 54%
17. Sierra Leone 65%
18. Burkina Faso 65%
19. Nigeria 50%
20. Eritrea 50%
21. Ethiopia 34%
22. Guinea-Bissau 50%

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