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Boubou Hama (Niger, Historian) Kotia-Nima

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Syllabus of the Subject

Nigerien Historian HE Boubou Hama. African culture

  1. HE Boubou Hama (Nigerien Historian and Poet, Muslim)
  2. His works on the African culture and stories for young

Boubou Hama (African Historian)
Boubou Hama, Nigerien Historian and Poet, Muslim (Niger)

African Student, Doctorate, Master, International Business, Foreign Trade

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Specialization of Boubou Hama: the African culture and youth stories.

The Nigerien poet, philosopher, historian, man of letters and political Boubou Hama (Songhai) was born in Fonéko (Niger) in 1906; he died on January 1982.

  1. Religion: Boubou Hama was Muslim
  2. Ethnic origin: Songhay
  3. Studies in Dakar (Senegal)
  4. Boubou Hama was President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Niger (1958 - 1974) and plays a major role in Nigerien cultural life
  5. Prisoner in Agadez (Niger) in 1974
  6. Specializations of Boubou Hama: African culture, Gao Empire, Songhai, Sokoto
  7. Great literary prize of Black Africa (1971) for his book “Kotia-Nima”
  8. Prize Leopold Sédar Senghor for “Analytical Essays of Education in Africa”

Main books of Boubou Hama son:

  1. Empire of Gao: History, Customs, and Magic of Songhai
  2. Kotia-Nima
  3. Tales and Legends of the Niger
  4. History of Gobir and Sokoto
  5. Traditional History of a Songhai village
  6. The Wonderful Baobab
  7. The Delay of Africa
  8. Izé-Gani

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Boubou Hama was an African Historian of the West African Economic Area.

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