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Ali Haddad (Algerian Muslim Businessman)

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Algerian construction company, Ali Haddad. Muslim Businessman

  1. Ali Haddad (Algerian Muslim Businessman)
  2. ETRHB Haddad (Construction Group)

Sample - Ali Haddad (Algerian Muslim Businessman)
Ali Haddad, Algerian Muslim Businessman, Algeria

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African Business and Economy

Ali Haddad (Algerian businessperson) was born in 1965 in Azeffoun (Algeria).

  1. Ali Haddad is the Founder and Director of ETRHB Haddad, one of the largest construction companies in Algeria
  2. The ETRHB HADDAD Group was created twenty years ago
  3. From a family business has been transforming to a major player in Algerian economy by developing basic infrastructure in public works, transport, and hydraulics
  4. The group also operates through its subsidiaries in housing, projects, tourism, car distribution and construction machines, as well as bitumen processing and Marketing
  5. The ETRHB HADDAD Group has strategic partners from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Canada, South Korea, and China
  6. Ali Haddad is the largest stakeholder and President of the Football Club USM Alger
  7. Haddad is a member of the Board of Directors of The U.S.-Algeria Business Council
  8. Ali Haddad is Muslim

Foreign Trade and Business in the Maghreb

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  3. Constantine

Ali Haddad (African Businessman) belongs to the Maghrebian Economic Area (Islamic Civilization and African Civilization).

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