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Ajit Gulabchand: Jain Businessman, Course

Syllabus of the Subject: Ajit Gulabchand (Jainism, India).

  1. Ajit Gulabchand (Jain Businessman)
  2. Hindustan Construction Company (HCC)
  3. Gulabchand Foundation

Sample: Ajit Gulabchand - Jain Businessman
Ajit Gulabchand, Jain Businessman, India, Hindustan Construction Company (Course Master Business)

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Description: Ajit Gulabchand - Indian Jain Businessman

Ajit Gulabchand (Jainism) is the President and Managing Director (CEO) of the Hindustan Construction Company (India).

  1. Ajit Gulabchand is a descendant of the Walchand family
  2. He comes from the influential Jain family Digambara (Gujarat)
  3. Gulabchand took over Hindustan Construction after leading other top companies of his family
  4. The Hindustan Construction Company is a global company specialised in infrastructure, power (50% of the Indian nuclear power generation), construction, property (real estate) (Lavasa, the Indian first planned hill city), Engineering, services (the second-largest total services contractor in Switzerland)
  5. Headquarters of Hindustan Construction Company: Mumbai


80 years ago, the founder of the Hindustan Construction Company, Seth Walchand Hirachand (considered as the father of the Indian Transport Industry), created the “Gulabchand Foundation” developing health and education projects.

“Be it within the organisation or society; we have a strong sense of social responsibility, which is reflected in our values and actions” Ajit Gulabchand

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Ajit Gulabchand Jain belongs to the Hindu Economic Area

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