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Kumar Mangalam Birla (Businessman)

Syllabus of the Sub-subject- The Aditya Birla Group (India, Hinduism).

  1. The Hindu Businessman Kumar Mangalam Birla
  2. Aditya Birla Group
  3. Hindustan Motors Company
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility of the Aditya Birla Group
The Sub-subject “Aditya Birla (Hinduism, India)” is part of the following programs:
  1. Course: India
  2. Doctorates: Religion and Business, Asia
  3. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Asia, BRICS Countries

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Sample of the Sub-subject: Aditya Birla (Hinduism)
Kumar Mangalam Birla (Hindu Businessman)

Description of the Sub-Subject: Kumar Mangalam Birla - Hindu Businessman.

The Aditya Birla Group is an Indian Conglomerate. The group was created in 1857 by Seth Shiv Narayan Birla in Rajasthan.

  1. Total revenues: 40 billion dollars of the
  2. More than 136,000 workers from forty-two countrie.
  3. 50% of the revenues of the Aditya Birla Group comes from the international markets.
  4. The Aditya Birla Group is one of the three biggest producers of aluminium in Asia with the largest copper factory.
  5. Headquarters of the Aditya Birla Group: Mumbai (India).

In India, the Birla Group is:

  1. Leading Indian Fashion Group
  2. The largest producer and second-largest exporter of viscose filament yarn
  3. The largest producer of chloralkali
  4. Among the three largest mobile phone companies
  5. Leading company in life insurance
  6. Between the two major supermarket chains in the retail trade
  7. Within six major Business Process Outsourcing companies
  8. The largest manufacturer of linen cloth.

Since 1995, Kumar Mangalam Birla is the President of Aditya Birla Group.

  1. Kumar Mangalam Birla manages the companies of the Aditya Birla Group, both in India and globally.
  2. Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla has made twenty-six mergers and acquisitions in the last seventeen years in India, Australia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Egypt, and Canada.
  3. In 2012, Forbes named “Entrepreneur of the Year.”
  4. Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla is Hindu.

Mr Birla has implanted the concept of “Care and Give” in the Aditya Birla Group to be a strong practitioner of the concept of philanthropy. For example, theAditya Birla Group has eighteen hospitals managed by them serving more than one million inhabitants.

“It is necessary to invest some of our profits beyond business, for the common good of society Kumar Mangalam Birla.

GD Birla (1894 - 1983) was an Indian Business People and a member of the influential Birla Family. Mr Ghanshyamdas Birla, the father of the founder of the group Birla Aditya, was a close confidant of Mahatma Gandhi.

Hindustan Motors was created in the pre-independence era in Gujarat. Hindustan Motors has a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (Japan). Hindustan Motors belong to the Birla family.

The Hindu Businessman Kumar Mangalam Birla belongs to the economic area of the Hindu Civilisation

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