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Gautam Adani: Indian Jainist Businessman

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Syllabus of the Subject - Gautam Adani: Jain Businessman and Philanthropist (India).

  1. Gautam Adani (Jain Indian Businesspeople);
  2. Adani Conglomerate;
  3. Adani Foundation.

Gautam Adani (Jain Businessman)
Gautam Adani, Jain Businessman, Philanthropist, Adani Conglomerate, India (Course Master Business)

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Gautam Adani - Indian Jain Businessman

Gautam Adani (1962) is an Indian Jain Businessman and self-made billionaire.

  1. Adani is the Chairperson of the Adani Group (Revenue: 8.7 billion dollars. Employees: 10,400), an Indian conglomerate with business in infrastructure sector, trade and coal mining, petrol and gas, ports, logistics, power generation, and gas distribution;
  2. The Adani Group was created in 1988 in India;
  3. Gautam Adani is also the owner of Adani Exports Limited (energy and agricultural commodities) and Adani Ports & SEZ Ltd (the largest port developer of India);
  4. The headquarters of the Adani group are in Ahmadabad (Gujarat);
  5. The Adani group invests 3% of income in philanthropy through the Adani Foundation (established in 1996), operating in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Himachal Pradesh;
  6. The wife of Gautam Adani is PhD Priti Adani; she is the President of the Adani Foundation.

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Gautam Adani (Jain Indian Businesspeople) belongs to the Hindu Economic Area.

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