Nusli Wadia. Parsee family (Zoroastrian)

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Sub-subject: The Wadia Group (Zoroastrianism. India). Syllabus:

  1. The Indian Zoroastrian Businessman Nusli Wadia
  2. The Wadia Group
  3. The Britannia Industries
The sub-subject “Wadia Family (Zoroastrian, India)” is studied...
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Sample of the Sub-subject: Wadia Group (India, Zoroastrianism)
Nusli Wadia (Indian Zoroastrian Businessman)

Description of the Sub-Subject:  Nusli Wadia, Indian Zoroastrian Businessman

  1. Wadia is a Parsee (Zoroastrian) family originally from Surat (Gujarat - India)
  2. Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia initiated this shipbuilding dynasty in 1736 when he won a contract from the British Company of the West Indies to make docks and boats in Bombay
  3. The Wadia Group consists of three companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange
  4. The Wadia Group also publishes Gladrags (fashion magazine)
  5. The group donates significant resources to philanthropic causes
  6. The Wadia Group also has an Ethical code of conduct, inspired by the Zoroastrian values
  7. Nusli Wadia is the current President of the company BOMBAY DYEING one of the largest textile companies in India, belonging to the Wadia family since 1879. Bombay Dyeing produces Stylish clothes, towels, house wares, leisure, and children's clothing
  8. Nurli Wadia is Wadia Nusli's son of Parsee father and a Muslim mother

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Jehangir Wadia is the Managing Director (CEO) of the low cost airline GoAir. Jehangir Wadia is the grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan).

The Indian Business People Nusli Wadia belongs to the economic area of the Hindu Civilisation

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