Indu Jain (Jainism, India)

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: The Sahu Jain Family (India). Syllabus:

  1. Indu Jain (Indian Jain Businesswoman)
  2. The Sahu Jain Family
  3. The Times Group and Bennett, Coleman Co.
  4. The Times Foundation


Sub-subject “Indu Jain (Jainism, India)” is studied...
  1. Doctorates: Religion and Business, Asia
  2. Masters (e-learning): International Business, Asia, and BRICS Countries

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Sample of the sub-subject: Indu Jain (India) - Jainism
Indu Jain Indian Businesswoman

Description Sub-Subject Description (Indu Jain, Indian Jain Businesswoman):

  1. The family Sahu Jain is a prominent Jain industrial family of India. Note that the end of this family name contains “Jain.”
  2. The Sahu Jain Family are the owners of the Times Group and Bennett, Coleman & Co, the most widely read newspaper in English in the World.
  3. They also have interests in education (SP Jain School of Global Management), chemicals, or finance (DoubleDot and Crescent Finstock).
  4. The family Sahu Jain belongs to the Agrawal Jain community. They are from a small town in Najibabad, Bijnor district (near Meerut, 180 kilometres from Delhi), Uttar Pradesh (India). Agrawal Jain is an ancient Jain community originally from Hisar, Haryana. These communities are among the most prominent and influential Jains. Usually, they are very strict in their religious practices.
  5. Indu Jain is the current President of Bennett Coleman, which owns the Times of India and other major newspapers. She founded Times Foundation and managed the philanthropic activities of the Group and the Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust. Indu Jain also created in 1983 “Ladies Wing of FICCI”
  6. Indu Jain is an advocate of the world peace; she participated in the “World Summit on Millennium Peace Religious and Spiritual Leaders (United Nations),” where she talked about the need for unity among religions.

Harmony of Religions

Samir Jain (1954) is a member of Sahu Jain family and currently; he is the Vice President of the largest India's media group: Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., the Times of India and other major newspapers.

Shanti Prasad Sahu Jain (1911 - 1977) was one of the most influential Jains of the XX century. He was a prominent industrialist and philanthropist. He was the son of Diwansinhji and Srimati Moortidevi Jain.

As we have seen, the influence of the Jain family is crucial in the economic, political, and cultural development of India in the last two centuries.

Headquarters of the Group is in New Delhi

Indu Jain (Jainist)

Indian businesswoman Indu Jain belongs to the economic area of the Hindu Civilisation

Religions and Global Trade.

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