Doing Business in Panama. The Canal. Investing

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Learning unit: International trade and business in Panama. Syllabus:

- Introduction to Panama.
- Economy of Panama.
- International trade.
- Business in Panama City.
- The Panama Canal.
- Cases study: City of Knowledge. The Colon Free Zone. Set-up a company in Panama.
- Introduction to Spanish
- Access to the Panamanian market
- Business plan for Panama.

Religion and business in Panama: Christianity Catholicism (3 million) and Protestants). Baha'i

Panama: Organizations and trade agreements

Course business in Central America - Master America

Course learning materials: En Es Panama

Panamanian Market Access

Learning unit summary (Doing Business in Panama)

The main pillars of the economy of the Republic of Panama are: The Panama Canal, Banking and Financial services and the Colon Free trade Zone (biggest duty-free zone in the Americas)

  • The Panama Canal (80 kilometers between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, 8 to 10 hours to transit) is implementing an important modernization program of 1 billion dollar, generating big business opportunities
  • The Colon Free Zone is the 2th biggest Duty Free Trade Zone of the world (2.500 enterprises, 27.347 employments, 16.160 million dollars in imports and re-exports (international trade).

Examples Doing business in Panama
Panama Business

International trade of Panama

  • Exports of Panama: 821 million dollar. Main export products: salmon, tuna, beef, watermelon, shrimp, and pineapples.
  • Top Export partners of Panama (as % of total export value): United States 42%, People's Republic of China and Taiwan 5.3%, Costa Rica 7.3%, Sweden 5.4%, Netherlands 6.5%, Spain 6.2%.
  • Top Import partners of Panama: United states 29%, Costa Rica 5.2%, Mexico 4.5%, China 4.2%, Japan 3.6%.

Introduction to Spanish Language
English Spanish

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