Doing Business in Panama

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Learning unit: International trade and business in Panama. The Canal. Syllabus:

- Introduction to Panama (Central America).
- The Economy of Panama.
- International trade.
- Business in Panama City.
- The Panama Canal.
- Cases study:
   - The City of Knowledge.
   - The Colon Free Zone.
   - Set-up a company in Panama.
- Introduction to Spanish
- Access to the Panamanian market
- Business plan for Panama.

Sample of the learning unit - Doing business in Panama
Colon Free Zone

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Learning unit summary (Doing Business in Panama)

The main pillars of the economy of the Republic of Panama (America) are: The Panama Canal, Banking and Financial services and the Colon Free trade Zone (biggest duty-free zone in the Americas)

The Colon Free Zone is the 2th biggest Duty Free Trade Zone of the world (2.500 enterprises, 27.347 employments, 16.160 million dollars in imports and re-exports (international trade).

The Panama Canal (80 kilometers between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, 8 to 10 hours to transit) is implementing an important modernization program of 1 billion dollar, generating big business opportunities

Religion in Panama: Christianity Catholicism (3 million) and Protestants). Baha'i

Panama Business

Panama: Organizations and trade agreements:

Panama City Business

Central American Common Market

International trade of Panama

  • Exports of Panama: 821 million dollar. Main export products: salmon, tuna, beef, watermelon, shrimp, and pineapples.
  • Top Export partners of Panama (as % of total export value): United States 42%, People's Republic of China and Taiwan 5.3%, Costa Rica 7.3%, Sweden 5.4%, Netherlands 6.5%, Spain 6.2%.
  • Top Import partners of Panama: United states 29%, Costa Rica 5.2%, Mexico 4.5%, China 4.2%, Japan 3.6%.

Canada - Panama Agreement:
Agreement Panama Canada

Agreement Panama Taiwan:
Agreement Taiwan Panama

Agreement Panama Singapore:
Agreement Panama Singapore

United States Panama Agreement

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