Panama-Canada Free Trade Agreement

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Sub-subject Sub-subject: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Panama and Canada. Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
  2. Benefits of the Agreement for exporters: access to markets, investment, and services.
  3. The Government Procurement.
  4. Certificate of Origin of the agreement
  5. International Trade between Canada and the Republic of Panama.
  6. Agreements on the Environment and Labour Cooperation between Canada and Panama.


Sub-subject “Panama-Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA)” is studied...
  1. Masters: International Business, America, and Pacific
  2. Doctorate in Business in America (e-learning)

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Sample of the sub-subject: Canada-Panama (Free Trade Agreement):
Panama-Canada Free Trade Agreement

Description Sub-Subject Description: Panama-Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA):

In 2011 the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement entry into force

Elements covered by the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA):

  1. Market access for products
  2. Cross-border trade in services
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Foreign direct investment (FDI)
  5. Financial services and
  6. The Government procurement.

The elimination of tariffs of Panama will improve opportunities for international business in products interest to industrial and agricultural producers in Canada.

The Canada-Republic of Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will benefit exporters of vehicles, aerospace, auto parts, electrical and industrial machinery, agriculture, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, fish and seafood, wood, pulp and paper products, vehicles, auto parts, information and communication technology, plastic products, and iron and steel products.

The Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will grant access to the Government procurement market, including for the 5.4 billion dollars expansion of the Panama Canal.

International Trade Canada-Panama.

  1. Commercial services exported from Canada to the Republic of Panama: 8 million dollars.
  2. Top services exported are financial services, information and communication technology services, environment services, and energy services.
  3. Top exports products from Canada to the Republic of Panama: machinery, vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, pulses and frozen potato products.
  4. Top imports products from Canada from the Republic of Panama: precious stones and metals, edible fruits and nuts, and fish and seafood products.

Panama belongs to the Latin American Economic Area and Canada belongs to the North American area of the Christian Civilisation.

Agreement Panama-Canada

Panama's Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

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