Mexico-Japan Agreement (Online Course)

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Syllabus of the eLearning Course / Subject: Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.

  1. Introduction to the Agreement for the Strengthening of the Economic Partnership between Mexico and Japan
  2. Protocol Amending the Agreement
  3. Japan-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
  4. Regional Value Content
  5. Certificate of Origin
  6. Economic relationships between Mexico and Japan
  7. Japanese Exports to Mexico
  8. Japanese investments in Mexico
  9. メキシコと日本の経済連携協定
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Sample of the e-learning Course / Subject: Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
Japan-Mexico Economic Partnership Agreement (Online Course)

Description of the Course / Subject (Higher Education, e-learning): Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

The United Mexican States-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) entered into force in 2005.

The objectives of the Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement are to:

  1. Liberalise and facilitate International trade in goods and services between Mexico and Japan
  2. Increase Foreign direct investment (FDI) opportunities
  3. Improve the opportunities for Exporters to participate in Government procurement
  4. Promote the cooperation and coordination for the efficient enforcement of competition laws between Mexico and Japan
  5. Create efficient procedures for the implementation and operation of the Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and resolution of disputes
  6. Establish a framework for further bilateral cooperation

The Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement covers:

  1. Bilateral trade in products
  2. National Treatment
  3. Elimination of customs duties
  4. Rules and certificate of origin
  5. Customs Procedures
  6. Foreign Trade facilitation
  7. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  8. Cross-Border Trade in Services
  9. Financial services
  10. Government Procurement
  11. Dispute Settlement
  12. Payments transfers and restrictions to safeguard the balance of payments

Foreign Trade Mexico-Japan.

  1. The Mexican exports to Japan shows a new record, surpassing the 3.8 billion dollars exported in 2008.
  2. Exports growth 10.4% over the same period of 2010.
  3. The Japanese exports to Mexico were 13.4 billion dollars
  4. Main sectors attracting foreign direct investments of Japan are automotive and auto parts, electronics, metallurgic, machinery, agribusiness, and information technology services

Mexico-Japan Agreement (Online Course)

Mexico belongs to the Latin American Economic Area of the Western Christian Civilisation and Japan to the Japanese civilisation.

Mexico Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

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