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Mexican Competitive Advantages

Syllabus of the Subject: Mexican Competitive Advantages in the Global Market

  1. Mexican Competitive Advantages
  2. Ease of doing business in Mexico
  3. International competitiveness of Mexico
  4. Competitiveness Ranking of the Mexican states

Sample: Mexican Competitive Advantages
Mexican Competitive Advantages (Master)

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Description: Mexican Competitive Advantages

  1. Mexico occupies the second worldwide position, by the number of Free Trade Agreements in force. Mexico has signed ten Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and several Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
  2. Mexico is a member of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement(Mexico, United States, Canada). These three countries are also members of the APEC
  3. Mexico is the second largest foreign direct investment recipient in Latin America
  4. Mexico offers important savings in labour force costs compared to other potential foreign direct investment locations
  5. Business with productive activities in the United States could benefit with an 11.5% tax rate reduction by moving to Mexico
  6. In Mexico, an investor needs only six procedures to incorporate a company
  7. For export products from Mexico, only five procedural documents are required. This gives to Mexico an advantage over countries like Brazil, China, and India where are required more documents
  8. Regarding the Macroeconomics stability, the United Mexican States ranks in the twenty-eight place (out of 139 countries, World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report)
  9. Between 2009 and 2012, the Mexican real exchange rate will remain virtually balanced to U.S. dollar and Euro
  10. Mexico is situated between the main global consumer markets
  11. Mexico shares a border with the United States (3,000 kilometres); has quick access to the European market through the Atlantic Ocean and the Asian markets through the Pacific Ocean
  12. Mexico has many natural resources that favour the development of a vast number of production activities, including those related to renewable energy generation
  13. Mexico has a long tradition of mining production, which plays a significant position in the economic activity of Mexico, especially in the industrial sector. Mexico is globally renewed for its mineral production, particularly silver, copper, bismuth, arsenic, lead, and zinc

ProMexico is the Mexican Government institution in charge of strengthening the Mexican participation in the international economy.

Ranking of Easy of Doing Business of the Mexican States.

States Ranking
Aguascalientes 1
Baja California 27
Baja California Sur 31
Campeche 7
Coahuila 10
Colima 6
Chiapas 2
Chihuahua 11
Federal district 32
Durango 18
Guanajuato 9
Guerrero 25
Hidalgo 16
Jalisco 29
Mexico 28
Michoacán 14
Morelos 30
Nayarit 15
Nuevo Leon 12
Oaxaca 20
Puebla 19
Querétaro 17
Quintana Roo 22
San Louis Potosí 4
Sinaloa 5
Sonora 13
Tabasco 8
Tamaulipas 21
Tlaxcala 23
Veracruz 24
Yucatán 26
Zacatecas 3

Source: Doing Business -World Bank

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