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American Economic Area, Christian Civilization

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Economic integration in America, the Caribbean, MERCOSUR, Andean Community

The module “American Economic area of Western Civilization” consists of seven parts:

  1. Introduction to the American Economic Area
  2. Christianity in America
  3. Main Economic Organizations in America
  4. The three economic sub-areas in America of Western Civilization
    1. North American economic area
    2. Hispanic American Economic Area
    3. The Caribbean Economic Area
  5. The American economic integration of Western Civilization (Economic Organizations, Trade Agreements)
  6. Christian businesspeople of the American Economic Area of the Western Civilization
  7. American Christian spiritual leaders

Christianity in America, the continent with the largest number of Christians, Brazil, Mexico, Chile

The main objective of the module is to define the characteristics of the American Economic Area of Western Civilization and its three sub-areas:

  1. North American
  2. Latin American
  3. The Caribbean

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Course: Christianity & Business.

Christianity and Global Business (Catholicism, Protestantism)

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Why study “Christianity and Business”?.

1- Introduction to the American Economic Area of Western Civilization

  1. The American continent

2- Christianity in America.

Christianity in America.

  1. Catholicism in America
  2. Protestantism in America:
    1. Calvinists
    2. Presbyterians
    3. Methodists
    4. Baptists
    5. Pentecostals
    6. Quakers
    7. Mormons
  3. Judaism and Agnosticism in America

3- Main economic institutions in America.

  1. OAS
  2. Inter-American Development Bank (BID)
  3. ECLAC

4- The three Economic areas of Western Civilization in America.

  1. North American economic area
  2. Hispanic American Economic Area
  3. Caribbean Economic Area

5- Christian Businessman.

  1. Carlos Slim
  2. Luis Sarmiento
  3. Antonio of Moraes
  4. João Marinho
  5. S. Truett Cathy
  6. Philip Anschutz
  7. Ray Hunt
  8. Howard Ahmanson
  9. Steve Strang
  10. Thomas Monaghan
  11. Giving Pledge
  12. Bill Gates (*)
  13. Warren Buffett (*)

(*) Agnostics but belonging to this civilization.

6- American Spiritual leaders.

  1. Martin Luther King
  2. Henry David Thoreau

American Economic Area of Western Civilization.

Within the American Economic Area of Western Civilization from historical, cultural, and economic integration point of view, we can identify three areas.

  1. The North American Economic Area: The U.S. and Canada. The U.S. is the world's political leader and the first global economy. The EU and the U.S. account for 50% of the total global GDP. Canada is one of the strongest economies
  2. The Hispanic American Economic Area. The Hispanic America Countries seek to integrate their economies: MERCOSUR, ALADI, UNASUR, ALBA, Pacific Alliance.
  3. The Caribbean Economic Area. The Caribbean comprises Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago. Total population: 15 million people. The main integration process is the CARICOM

Civilizations and Economic Integration

Today Christianity is the main religion of the American continent, but in the pre-Columbian Era, there were several Native American religions, many of which have survived. The presence of these religions is evident in countries like Guatemala, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. Approximately, the Native American population is 50 million people.

Finally, it should be noted the influence on many American Countries of the African Diaspora (200 million of Afro-American descendants of the 30 million Africans were stolen from Africa and transported as slaves to America). The Afro-Americans belongs to the Christian Civilization (America) but may also belongs to the African Civilization (included in the African Union vision of a United Africa).

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