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Howard Ahmanson, U.S. Pentecostal, Millionaire

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Pentecostal Howard Ahmanson: philanthropic programs, Christian worldview

  1. Howard Ahmanson (U.S. Pentecostal Businessman)
  2. Home Savings Bank
  3. Fieldstead Company

Howard Ahmanson (U.S. Pentecostal Businessman)
Howard Ahmanson, U.S. Pentecostal Businessman (US)

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Christianity and Global Business (Catholicism, Protestantism)

Howard Ahmanson, Jr. (Pentecostal billionaire and philanthropist) was born on February 3, 1950, in Los Angeles (U.S.).

  1. Ahmanson is the heir of the Home Savings Bank founded by his father, Howard Ahmanson Fieldstead
  2. Howard Ahmanson is considered one of the twenty-five most influential evangelists in the U.S. (Times)
  3. He is married to Roberta Green Ahmanson (1949), a prolific author specialized in understanding the role of religion in public life; she is a co-author of “Islam at the Crossroads” book
  4. Howard Ahmanson is the owner of “Fieldstead,” a company that administers the fortune of the Ahmanson's family
  5. Part of the company activities are related to philanthropic causes, always under a Christian worldview

“Christian Humility and improve the lives of human beings should be the objectives.” Roberta Green Ahmanson.

He donated funds for the “Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture” project, translated into eight languages.

Ahmanson donated 1,395,000 dollars to support a political initiative to prohibit marriage between people of the same sex.

Religion and Business.

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