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Luis Sarmiento (Colombian Businessman)

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Philanthropist and Banker (Catholic) Luis Sarmiento, richest men in Colombia

  1. Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo (Colombian Businessman)
  2. Aval Group
  3. Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Foundation

Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, the richest men in Colombia
Luis Sarmiento (Colombian Banker)

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Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo (Colombian Businessman).

The engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and banker Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo (Bogota - Colombia, 1933) is since 1999 the President of the Board of the “Aval Group - Shares and Values Sa” which controls 90% of the company's shares.

“Starting a business is one of the most extraordinary acts of social responsibility. Creating companies create work” Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo

  1. Sarmiento Angulo is also a member of the Boards of Directors of “Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Organization Ltd.,” “Casa Editorial El Tiempo” and “CEETTV (City TV),” “Aval Group Foundation,” and the “Foundation for the Future of Colombia-Colfuturo”
  2. The Forbes magazine estimates that Sarmiento Angulo is the richest men in Colombia and the 44th in the World, with an estimated net worth of 17 billion dollars
  3. He graduated in civil engineering
  4. With just twenty-six years old, in 1959, the engineer Sarmiento founded the “Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Organization”
  5. In 1970, he created the company “Alfa Insurance.” In 1972 acquired the “Bank of Occident,” which was virtually in bankrupt, in 1973 he founded the “Save and Housing Corporation Las Villas” and 1974 he founded the “Finance Corporation of Los Andes”
  6. In 1975, his Organization was the largest construction and housing company in Bogota
  7. In 1980, acquires shares of “Bank of Bogota,” a process that ended in 1988 and allowed Sarmiento to control more than half of the Bank
  8. In 1996, he acquired the “Popular Bank”
  9. Between 1998-99, Sarmiento acquires several Colombian corporations, finally he will integrate into “Corficolombiana” and take advantage of the semi-privatization of the social security system in Colombia; he founded “Porvenir,” the largest pension fund in Colombia, which controls 22% of shares
  10. In 2010, he acquired “Bac - Credomatic,” the largest Central American Financial Group
  11. Today the “Aval Group” controls the following banks: Bogota, Occidente, Popular and AV Villas, and Corficolombiana. Nearly 47,000 people work in Colombia in some company of Aval, and 15,000 in other countries. The group has built about 40,000 houses

Philanthropy - Social responsibility

Sarmiento Angulo created in 1993 “Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Foundation” funded entirely by him.

“Money is not a thing that can be trusted much. It is certainly important, and I appreciate it, I am proud to have him. However, I expect that I will be recognized more for my service to the people that for my career, built with dedication and smart, clean decisions, without dark areas” Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo

Luis Sarmiento invested 3 million dollars in launching the “Grameen Aval Colombia,” with the Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, near 4,900 Colombians have been able to become entrepreneurs.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo is Christian Catholic (Hispanic American Economic Area (Western Civilization)).

Religions and Business.

Harmony of Religions and International Business. Sri Ramakrishna Principle

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