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Chang Yung-fa. Businessman (Taiwan)

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Syllabus of the Subject: Chang Yung-fa (I-Kuan Tao). Director of Evergreen

  1. Chang Yung-fa (Taiwanese Businessman)
  2. Evergreen Group (logistics)
  3. I-Kuan Tao Religion (Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism)
  4. Chang Yung-fa Foundation

Sample: Chang Yung-fa (Businessman, Taiwan)
Chang Yung-fa, Taiwanese Businessman, I-Kuan Tao Religion (Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism) Taiwan

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Why study “Taoism, Confucianism and Business”?

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Kuan Tao Global Ethics (Course Master Doctorate)

Description: Chang Yung-fa (Taiwanese Businessman).

Chang Yung-fa belongs to “I-Kuan Tao IKT” (Yiguan Tao) religion, founded in China in the last century.

I-Kuan Tao IKT is a syncretic religion incorporating elements of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. The “I-Kuan Tao” recognises to the other religions like Hinduism, Islam or Christianity as a valid faith.

Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and International Business. Jainism

In 1968, PhD Chang Yung-fa founded Evergreen marine (Taiwan). In less than twenty years the company becomes the largest company of container ships of the globe.

Evergreen Group.

  1. More than 27,000 employees
  2. 240 agents Worldwide
  3. More than fifty companies in five continents
  4. Three companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange

Confucian Ethics highly influences the Evergreen Group values.


PhD Y.F. Chang believes in giving back to society what he has won. In 1985; he created the Yung-fa Chang Foundation, specialising in emergency relief, medical services, education and culture promotion as well as getting to raise the moral standards of society.

On February 2012, Chang reported that it had committed to “giving away all his wealth (1.69 billion dollars) to the Chang Yung-fa Foundation.”

“However, if that money is used to perform good works; it is wonderful to see the benefits of what you have given.

That happiness obtained by doing a good deed will always be at the heart” PhD Y.F. Chang

Religions and International Business. Buddhist Civilisation

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