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Hong Kong, Masters in International Business

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Online Masters and Doctorate in Global Business adapted to Hong Kong

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

Master in International Business: Globalization, World Economic Areas, Foreign Trade, Transportation, Global Marketing, Adaptation to Hong Kong (Asia), Thesis, Career Opportunities.

Hong Kong, Masters, International Business Trade Hong Kong 香港

Asia Masters, Doctorate (Global Business, Foreign Trade)

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  1. Master in International Business
  2. Masters: Foreign Trade, International Transport
  3. Doctorate: Asian Business, World Trade, Global Logistics, Ethics, Religion & Business

Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Online

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Summary of the Adaptation to the Hongkongese Students.

Hongkongese Master Students

Video Foreign Trade and Business in China

Market Access - Free Trade Agreements

  1. Hong Kong and the APEC
  2. China-Hong Kong Closer Economic and Partnership Arrangement
  3. The mainland and Macau Closer Economic and Partnership Arrangement
  4. New Zealand-Hong Kong Agreement
  5. EU-Hong Kong
  6. ASEAN-Hong Kong China Agreement
  7. Georgia-Hong Kong China Agreement
  8. Australia-Hong Kong China Agreement
  9. Macao-Hong Kong Agreement
  10. Chile-Hong Kong China Agreement
  11. EFTA-Hong Kong Agreement
  12. Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement

China-Hong Kong Agreement

Global Transport and Logistics

  1. Access to the East-West Corridor (Myanmar-Vietnam)
  2. Access to the Nanning-Singapore Corridor
    1. Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Zone

Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, China, ASEAN, Brunei Philippines Indonesia

Asian Economic Institutions

  1. Forum for Asia
  2. Africa-China Forum (HK)
  3. PEEC
  4. Asia Dialogue
  5. ASEM: Asia-Europe Meeting
  6. FEALAC: Forum Hong Kong-Latin America
  7. AMED: Hong Kong-Middle East
  8. ESCAP
  9. Asian Development Bank
  10. Colombo Plan

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC. Trade and Investment liberalization. Bogor Goals

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