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Diploma in International Trade

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Professional Diploma in Foreign Trade: letters of credit, logistics, finance, Customs (Online, 30 ECTS, Masters, Doctorate, International Business, English)

Diploma in International Trade

The objective of the Diploma in International Trade taught by EENI Global Business School is to provide all the knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary to manage all the technical aspects related to Foreign Trade of an exporting company: Incoterms® 2020, transportation, customs, documents, payments, documentary credits, international finance, and contracts.

Diploma International Trade

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Online Student Master in International Business

  1. Credits: 30 ECTS Credits
  2. Duration: 6
    months It is recommended to dedicate about twelve hours of study per week following a flexible schedule. It is possible to reduce the duration dedicating more hours a week
  3. Tuition Fees: EUR 720. Financing:
    1. Cash Payment (at enrollment date): 10% of discount. Amount to pay: € 648
    2. Payment with EENI financing:
      1. 70% at enrollment date: € 504,
      2. 30% at the end of the Diploma: € 216
  4. Open Online Enrollment
  5. Download the Admission Form
  6. Download in PDF
    1. Brochure of the Diploma in International Trade
    2. Syllabus of Related Subjects to foreign trade

Diploma intended for all those wishing to specialize in international trade.

The Professional Diploma in International Trade is ideal for those who are new to export as well as experienced export companies because it will provide successful experts with a thorough grounding in the key areas of foreign trade.

Languages: Masters, Doctorate, International Business, English

  1. Also
    available in For improving the international communication skills, the student has free access to the learning materials in these languages (free multilingual training).
    Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish Programa Superior en Comercio Exterior Study Doctorate in International Business in French Diplôme en Commerce International Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Curso de especialização em Comércio Exterior
  1. Objectives of the Diploma
  2. Career opportunities related to the Diploma

Foreign Trade Management

African Students, Master International Business and Global Trade

The students who complete all the exercises will obtain the “Professional Diploma in International Trade” issued by EENI Global Business School.

The students who have approved this Diploma can validate them and register for a Master or Doctorate at EENI:

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Masters: Foreign Trade, International Business, International Transport, Logistics in Africa.

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Doctorate: World Trade.

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Negotiable Combined Transport Bill of Lading (FIATA FBL)

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